Covert Affairs – Episode 2-11 Review – “The Wake-Up Bomb”

After failing a mission in Venice and still very much separated from her sister after “reading her in”.

Annie feels lonely during some time off and meets a chef (Santiago Cabrera, Merlin’s Lancelot) with connections to the ETA, a Basque separatist movement, which he may still be connected with.

As the episode started I couldn’t help but notice how out of place the semi-animated intro for the show is. Although it is mighty catchy, it seems out of place with both the style of the show and content.

Piper Perabo’s Annie Walker is the perfect combination of subtle vulnerability and fierce independence. Perabo will make you believe that Annie Walker is kicking your ass, while doing it!

Annie Walker’s personal connection with Augie (Christopher Gorham) is the real heart of this show. Sure, the relationship between Walker and her family adds a personal touch, its the way Augie seems to “see” into the real Annie Walker and is able to anticipate her needs that makes Covert Affairs more than standard spy drama.

Without all the super spy tech and lavish kills, Covert Affairs manages to transport you to the streets of Venice and back to Langley while giving you a stunning portrayal of the real life complications of the men and women that keep the world safe. This weeks potential love interest/target was masterful in both its writing and casting, for a few minutes there the view can almost feel seeds of a budding romance being sewn between Annie Walker and Xavier.

While this weeks wrap-up may have seemed abrupt and too quick, its the journey that makes this episode. The one weak link however is Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy), the overly complicated plot line and moral ambiguity are starting to turn me away from a character that started off with so much potential.

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