The Drive-In (Movies Podcast Ep. 4) – Paranormal Activity 3 Retrospective

The Drive-In (Movies Podcast Ep. 4) - Paranormal Activity 3 Retrospective

EDITOR’S NOTE: Join hosts Branden Chowen and Brendan Campbell as they discuss, review, debate, and maunder about the latest goings-on in the world of cinema. This week – in episode 4 – B & B take a look back at the entire Paranormal Activity series, and in the Top 5 for the Drive, they pick their 5 favorite found footage films!

00:00 – 01:16 — Intro
01:17 – 07:24 — News
-“Dark Knight Rises Prologue To Be Attached To IMAX Prints Of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
-“Matt Reeves Picked To Helm Twilight Zone Movie
-“Hot Trailer: Red Band, NSFW American Reunion aka American Pie 4
07:25 – 18:54 — Top 5 for the Drive: Top 5 Found Footage Films
18:55 – 52:15 — Paranormal Activity Retrospective (**Contains spoiler for Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2, and Paranormal Activity 3**)
52:16 – 53:28 — Outro

Any comments, questions, or corrections that you may have are greatly appreciated. All positive emails can be sent to Branden at bchowen@4sternstaging.com, while any negative emails should be sent to Brendan at itdoesntmater@hotmail.com. We will do our best to answer any listener questions on the next episode of our show. Thanks for listening.

Clips taken from this week’s episode have been provided by U2, and original Batman television series. These songs, and any trailers played on the show, are property of their respective owners, not Inside Pulse. All this material is used under Fair Use for commentary and criticism purposes only.

Branden Chowen is, first and foremost, an actor. He is in his final year of graduate school, where he will (hopefully) soon receive an MFA in acting to compliment his BFA in the art. He spends his free time watching and reviewing movies for Inside Pulse Movies, and We Love Cult. He is also one of the co-hosts for The Drive-In, which is the official podcast of Inside Pulse Movies. He is an avid horror fan, and will spend time watching just about any horror movie that looks interesting. You can contact Branden by email at bchowen[AT]insidepulse[DOT]com, or follow him on Twitter @Psymin1.


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