10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 11.03.11 – Bobby Roode, James Storm, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne

Reviewing the 11/3/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1.There was a small attempt to explain Immortal’s contracts in the company by Eric Bischoff’s signing of himself and other talent to iron clad deals as Eric explained to Sting, but that still doesn’t explain how a clear drunk with power Karen Jarrett would still be allowed to run roughshod over the Knockouts even if her contract is “ironclad” as Bischoff said which would indicate Karen’s is included. You would think if Karen is abusing her power, Sting would have the right to at least relieve her of those duties from a logical standpoint. But still, I’m waiting for TNA to even give this annoying lapse in logic the time of day and try to explain it.

2. There was a nice exchange with Samoa Joe and Sting that could explain why Sting might allow Joe opportunities if he is concerned about the talent in Joe’s crosshairs if Sting doesn’t attempt to placid Joe. This could actually turn into a storyline if a babyface eventually calls out Sting for catering to Joe which could lead to a feud with Samoa Joe, of course.

3. If you close your eyes can you guess who’s talking, Robbie E. or Eric Young’s guest from that MTV show TNA keeps trying to tap their audience with? There will be a match between Ronnie and EY vs. Robbies E/T. I will give Ronnie credit for taking a whipping as Robbie E. whipped him 3 times with a studded belt over the back.

4. The tag titles seemed to be rushed off of TNT in favor of Karen Jarrett’s stable. The chemistry just doesn’t seem to be there with that group. Traci’s involvement seems awkward. Perhaps if Karen was making her cheat, she’d have a purpose in the group. Madison Rayne and Gail Kim are nowhere near the oiled machine “Winter Love” is, so I think the wrong Knockout tag team won the titles. Not to mention, it’s going to be a tough sell for me to believe the freshly crowned Tag Team Champion is going to beat the freshly crowned Knockouts Champion here, when Velvet eventually returns to help give the feud/match some much needed hype. Even if it is Gail Kim. TNA kind of shot themselves in the foot of predictability with this one. On the plus side with the results of the tag titles changing hands, perhaps Brooke Tessmacher will go back to being a singles competitor and I can enjoy her awesome entrance again.

5. I’m not getting how Immortal can continue to thrive when it lacks the the cornerstones the group was built around, both being The Immortal Hulk Hogan and Jeff Hardy, the Immortal’s hand picked anti-savior. If TNA is dead set on keeping a heel faction around, they can certainly do better than Immortal. Hell, have Bully Ray lead his own group, but retire Immortal, please. In fact, the perfect story to ending Immortal once and for all is to have Jeff, the linch pin, be the one to deliver the knockout blow by going on a crusade to dissolve the group. Ultimately this can happen at anytime, although the sooner the better as Immortal continues to suck and drain the life out of the segments they are in. I just detect no chemistry in the group whatsoever. Just a hodgepodge of mediocre heels with the only stand out being Bully Ray, but even he gets dragged down by association with the group.

6. Move of the Night:

Austin Aries (through the)second rope kamikaze dive to the outside on Jesse Sorensen. He dove like a missile onto the rookie smashing him like a perfectly executed vicious version of a high cross body into the guard rail. Definitely a must see move from the show if you missed it.

7. Lines of the Night:

a. Kid Kash to Austin Aries after his upset loss to Jesse Sorensen

Kid Kash“I’m gonna get my knife is what I’m going to do. I’m gonna cut that little bitch.”

This might be one of the funniest lines to ever hear on a wrestling broadcast and definitely a first.

b. Bully Ray to Jeff Hardy during their match, but clearly audible to the viewing audience from inside the ring

Bully Ray“Crawl, Jeffrey. Crawl you friggin’ drug addict.”

Hmm, so we have knife violence mentioned as well as drug addicts on this edition of Impact Wrestling

8. Match of the Night

World Heavyweight Title Match

The Cowboy James Storm (Ch.) vs. Bobby Roode 

This delivered the goods. Loved the chop exchange and the intensity of the match. The match had a believable tempo and great pacing. Roode captured the gold when he seen an opportunity to cheat and win the World title and he took it like a desperate man would. Would love to have been shocked here, but in the age of the internet, very difficult, but the ending opened up a whole new pandora’s box for next week. It’s really a shame that Hogan basically leaked part of this story out with is big mouth in public of who he was supporting. It might not have made you think Storm would even have had a chance at the World title at this point in time, which would have helped make his brief title win and run a bit more shocking. I think the switcheroo angle worked here and gave you a different Champion defeating Kurt Angle and a believable reason for Bobby Roode to turn heel on his longtime partner, thus elevating them both instead of just one. Good stuff. TNA has played this story out to near perfection and much deserved props to both men. I always knew they were both capable of carrying the ball. Congrats to Bobby Roode.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

Matt Morgan called out Crimson which will lead to a battle of the big men at Turning Point. Crimson seemed almost cocky/heelish with his response which could end up being a good thing as the crowd seemed way more receptive to Morgan than Crimson. That’s called Over-Push backlash TNA. Kid Kash on commentary during the X-Division match was much better than I would have thought if I was informed beforehand. His comments on Jesse Sorensen worked very well in helping further establish this veteran vs. rookie feud. Finally, A-Double is back on Impact Wrestling only to be upset by Jesse Sorensen, who does seem to be improving. Still, mega props on his dropkick. Incredible elevation on it. The Bischoff storyline keeps going on and on. I truly hope that Shane McMahon..er Garrett Bischoff can hold his own in a match. He faces an opponent of his Dad’s choosing for the right for Sting to rewrite Bischoff’s contract or I believe it is for Sting to rewrite his contract, which seems silly since unless Bischoff has his goons jump Garrett before an actual bell, why wouldn’t Sting just transfer him to an immediate 1 day contract? Unless of course Garrett will want his Dad to be employed so he can kick his ass. Which in the end, should a battle of the Bischoffs really be getting this much airtime if TNA is supposedly so invested in rewarding those hardworking stars who have earned their time? Doesn’t wrestling matter? Former Executive vs. Former Referee doesn’t scream that slogan to me. Now maybe if they changed it to “Drama Matters” at least then I could justify it.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Bobby Roode, James Storm, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Jesse Sorensen

Roode captures the gold by hook or by crook, Storm looked good in the loss and the built in story of being screwed himself now, Kim and Rayne earn Knockout gold and Sorensen with the upset non-title win over A-Double.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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