Psych – Episode 6-4 Review – “The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2”

This week the Psych crew is at it again as the Camino crime family falls under attack by a masked vigilante called The Mantis. Shawn, Gus and Lassiter are soured and slightly jealous maybe, by his presence, since The Mantis has already made more progress than the police.

Shawn and Gus believe that a new cop (Joey McIntyre) is the vigilante, but as they put the pieces together, they start to believe that the Mantis’ efforts may not be altruistic.

The rare miss is to be expected from time to time but this episode seems to fall flat on every level. The writing, costumes and even Dule Hill are just off.

With superhero’s trending right now this could have been a classic Psych episode, that is, if it wasn’t filled with schlock, and slap-stick non-hilarity. Roday and the gang try their best to perform but the source material just does not hold up.

Roday’s character flaws, while usually charming, skate the line between humor and annoyance in this episode and the writers need to keep that in mind when pushing up against that edge.

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