Updates on Barry Windham’s Condition, WWE Foots the Bill

All quotes from Blackjack Mulligan, Windham’s father:

“He just fell. He passed out. He was totally out of it when we found him. He couldn’t hear me. I asked him how many fingers I had, and he said he didn’t know. He couldn’t raise his right hand and couldn’t move his right fingers.”

“He obviously fell, but we don’t know why. It could have been all day before we found him. By then the organs were failing, and he didn’t even recognize us.”

“It’s going to be a long deal. It was a very close call … we almost lost him.”

“A big, black Cadillac limo pulled up to the hospital. A chauffeur got out, and two doctors put him (Windham) in the back of an ambulance and whisked him off. He’s at a place where they’re taking care of all of his problems. He’s being ministered to physically and spiritually.”

The last of these is the WWE’s doing.

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Source: WrestleZone.com