10 Thoughts On… Survivor South Pacific Episode 9 Review – “Let’s Lose Cochran And The Jacket”

1. There is perhaps nothing I have ever wanted on Survivor more (aside from seeing Boston Rob get to play again) than to see Ozzy beat Cochran at Redemption Island. Although, if Cochran beats him, it might be the biggest moment ever on the show.

2. It was incredibly poetic to see Jim apologize for his reaction to Cochran’s vote last week. Remember what he said about Ozzy reaction after the Elyse vote?

3. I absolutely adore Whitney. She is my new favorite. I have been trying to analyze why and I think I have figured it out. I was wrong in my initial assessment of her. I thought she would totally be a smiling wallflower who let the game pass her by. She is aggressive, smart, competitive and I love her raw and visceral talk with Cochran at the opening of the episode. She is amazing!

4. It was honestly disgusting to see no members of the self-righteous Upolu compete in the second immunity. If any of them were smart, they would have competed and then thrown the challenge. It was instant jury votes. Seeing Cochran and Brandon eat in front of Jim, Whitney and Dawn literally made me sick to my stomach. Also did you catch Brandon celebrate when Jim was eliminated? I really dislike the guy.

5. Dawn had a great episode. I have no qualms with her voting against Ozzy. Cochran forced her hand and I think she did the right thing. The only thing I find questionable is why she said she wanted to go down with the Savaii four and then voted against Ozzy. It was like when Coach was praying to find out where the idol was when he had it in his pocket last week.

6. Cochran wearing Coach’s jacket was appalling. I had to change the channel.

7. Love that Albert is seeing through Dawn’s spectacular game. His best move in the game so far. I am finally impressed by who I think is going to win.

8. Wait a minute, was Whitney wearing Elyse’s swimsuit? Ha, love it because it shows that Elyse had no idea. While Whitney didn’t vote Elyse off, it proves that Ozzy’s #2 had no idea about her dismissal.

9. Now that Ozzy and Jim are gone, it’s time for a shake-up. I am hoping Edna makes a move. I would love to see nothing more.

10. I liked the vote that Ozzy cast. I know many won’t like it but Ozzy makes no apologies for how he plays.

Bonus thought: Since we know how the game is going to go down with Savaii being picked off (including Cochran), the only question up in the air right now is who to dislike more. Cochran or Brandon.