Amber Rose Talks About Kanye West’s Apology, Speaks Out About Whether She Caused Kardashian Split

Amber Rose spoke out on The Wendy Williams Show about her relationship with Kanye West and whether she felt responsible for splitting Kim Kardashian up with Reggie Bush.

“You know, he kind of said that he was, well didn’t kinda, he said it, that he was an a-hole. An he was mean to me and he didn’t treat me the way he was supposed to. I accepted his apology because I feel like he’s remorseful for how he treated me. I’m just going to keep it moving. It was nice gesture.”

She also discussed Kanye running on stage during Taylor Swift’s VMA speech:

“I was sitting right next to him. And I was clapping for Taylor because I’m a fan. And I just look over and he’s gone. And then I’m like, ‘Where the hell did he go?’ And he was on stage. You know, I’ll tell you this Wendy: he instantly felt bad. As soon as he got down he was like, ‘Oh my God. What the hell did I just do?’ Not to sit up here and pick up for him, but you know he’s obviously friends with Beyonce and he knows how hard she works. He knew that everybody in the entire world did the “Single Ladies” dance. I guess he just felt passion and that she should’ve won.”

As for whether she caused Kim Kardashian’s split with Reggie Bush?

“One thing about me is that I’m not a homewrecker. I would never date a man in a relationship or a married man. I just wouldn’t do it. But I broke up with Kanye. He broke up with Kim and we met right after. We were both going through a hard time. So were like each other’s rebound basically. It was brief. It was nice. He’s a great guy.”

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