Rabblecast #252 TNA/OVW Team Up, Forever Future Endeavored!

The Rabblecast is back! Erik and Myke return with a brand new episode full of wrestling news and rumors! Did you miss us? Cause we missed you. Tonight we debut our new show segment, Forever Future Endeavored! It’s our latest contest in which you, the listener can win a FREE PRIZE by calling in and playing along! Can you guess the right answer? There’s so much news in this episode. Where do we begin? We cover WWE, TNA, Chikara, WSU, OVW, CZW and UWF! TNA and OVW announced their recent partnership, we have the details. WWE has recently had a bunch of Wellness Policy Vioations and there just might be an actual reason(not involving steroids). We also have a bunch of Independent Wrestling news including UWF’s recent PPV results! The Rabblecast, bringing you wrestling the way you want it!


*(Special Note: There was no winner this week. Forever Future Endeavored will return next week. Be sure to call in next week for your chance to win your copy of, WWE Greatest Rivalries Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD. (714)583-6886)


On this week’s show:

  • To Swallow a Freebird, who has an “Oral Agreement” w/Michael Hayes?
  • TNA/Impact Wrestling’s website gets hacked
  • Chyna vying for a WWE return
  • WSU, CZW, and Chikara updates


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