Immortals Director Tarsem Singh Wants To Do Samurai Jack Movie

Tarsem Singh is a director with a unique vision. His films are very stylish in terms of color, but have had varying degrees of success. His debut, The Cell was a starring vehicle for Jennifer Lopez that was praised vehemently by critic Roger Ebert. His second feature, The Fall, took years to complete and was completely self financed. Tarsem’s director friend David Fincher thought he was crazy for attempting such a risk, but Tarsem pressed on and did it. While it did not find much of an audience, it remains one of the most gorgeous Blu-rays on the market.

Now he’s back with Immortals, which looks to be a cross between 300 and Clash of the Titans. During the movie’s premiere on Monday, Tarsem talked about the film, his upcoming Snow White movie Mirror, Mirror (with Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as the wicked queen) and his secret dream project.

He wants to make a live-action Samurai Jack movie.

Though the show premiered on the Cartoon Network in 2001 and ran for only three seasons, Samurai Jack had a unique look with varied art styles, split screens and multi-angle shots.

“I love Samurai Jack. I would love to direct that,” Singh told The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s brilliant. The speed, it embraces where it comes from. I find that comic strip films are halfway grounded. They don’t play my chord. But I love Samurai Jack. I love the animation,” he said.

New Line tried to make it in the early ’00s with director-for-hire/Oscar-dropout Brett Ratner in line to make the picture. But the rights have reverted back to Cartoon Network.

Tarsem made an open declaration to the CN execs to have them contact him. Well, if the opening figures for Immortals are good, Singh should have no problem taking a meeting.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter