Jason Statham Protects a Kid … Again … in Action Thriller Safe[Trailer]

After protecting a child in Transporter 2, Jason Statham finds himself in another film where he protects a child from bad guys in Safe.

Plot Summary: Luke Wright, a cop-turned-cage-fighter in New York, is forced to scrape a living scrapping after the Russian Mafia murder his family and banish him to a shadowy existence. But then he spots a 12-year-old Chinese girl named Mei being chased on the subway by the same gangsters who offed his wife. Upon saving her, he discovers she’s more than she appears: her talented noggin holds code secrets that were part of her life as a ‚Äúcounter” for the Triads. So she’s not just a vulnerable kid, she’s a gifted kid. Soon both sets of mobsters and a pack of corrupt cops are on their tail.

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