Fear Itself Spoilers: Who Is Tanarus, God Of Thunder, And What Does It Mean For Thor?

Thor died in Fear Itself #7, and we were teased months ago that his title would be given to a new character named Tanarus. Well, in Fear Itself #7.2 we find out exactly why this will be, but it only raises more questions.


Thor is burned in the funeral pyre, but Tanarus rises as the familiar thunder God vanishes. Everyone rejoices the coming of Tanarus, the return of Tanarus to be more accurate. Tanarus the God of Thunder, Tanarus the mighty, Tanarus…the Avenger.

Through the power of belief, and given just what the Gods are supposed to represent, the legend of Tanarus has risen in the wake of Thor’s death, all of Thor’s stories have become his. His closest allies now remember the experiences, but with a different Thunder God at their side.


And only Loki can see that this has happened.


Meanwhile, Thor is in the white space of limbo, his story having ended and his part replaced. The thing about stories though is that while they end, new ones begin. Thor’s eyes open to end the issue.

So the question arises about the true nature of this replacement. Is it a plot by the Shining Women to have someone they can control? Is there another force at work? Does Tanarus even realize that he didn’t exist last week? And if he is not a participant in all of Thor’s adventures, does that mean that when Thor does return he’ll be lacking some of that history, or will he be fighting for his very identity? And just how exactly does Don Blake exist without Thor?

Will the Norse God of Thunder have to bring down the Celtic one?

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