10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 11.11.11 — Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Survivor Series Buildup

So, you came back for more? Okay, it’s your funeral…

1. Oh, hey look! Randy’s opening the show again! I’m not sure if I just brainfarted or if this revelation is new, but Wade Barrett as the opposing captain for Survivor Series? I can really get on board with that. Of course, he has a pretty good team behind him, but this is definitely a match to look forward to next week.

2. Sometimes I forget that Sheamus is a face until I see his jolly grin as he approaches the ring. Anywho. He looked like a monster during this match. It was nice to see him so damn powerful and strong. Not that he isn’t normally, but he was showcased fairly well throughout the match. And Christian didn’t disappoint, either. He managed to sell that Sheamus was a beast, yet still look fairly strong, himself. The bump Christian took against the barricade was decisively cringe-worthy, in a good way.

3. Okay, this whole Alicia Fox/Teddy Long/Aksana segment…I gotta ask. How the dick do I get that time back to my life?

4. I’d heard that Tedward DiBiase won this week, and everyone was talking about some sort of winning streak. But um. He faced Jinder Mahal. Someone who’s fallen far into the shadows. And defeated him in Diva’s time. So, what was everyone getting so giddy about?

5. Last week I talked about how silly Henry/Bryan looked, so what do they do? Why not Zoidberg a rematch? Although this week was a vast improvement. The missile dropkick from Bryan made Kofi Kingston look like a sissy. Though, I can’t say I’m too happy about how week the finish was, despite how good Bryan looked as he egged Henry on. I’m not sure what their plan is going to be for this whole Henry/Show/Bryan nonsense, but they seem to be going out of their way to work Bryan into the mix. I wonder where that road is going to take us…

6. Big Show took on three guys in a random fatal fourway/3-on-1 handicap match, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. I mean, I know it was an intimidation thing against Henry. Duh. I’m not that stupid. But it seemed like an unnecessary edition to the usual “I’m gonna beat you!” type showdown. For god’s sake, their promos took longer than the match itself. But whatever, can’t complain when they incorporate wrestling into the usual grind. Speaking of which, the guy with the beard…looks familiar. But I can’t put my finger on it. Who can Name That Jobber?

7. Well bless my soul, Fox is on a roll. She didn’t look as awful as she has in the past. How did that happen? She looked pretty competent against Tamina, who I thought deserved a little more time.

8. Primo! He’s alive! You know, sort of. I really liked this match, which is big, considering how long I’ve been sitting on the fence about the Usos. But Hunico is someone I’ve really grown to like, and Epico is on his way. Even though Hunico reminds me of Henandez: The Sequel, he’s making the most of a gimmick I’d normally loathe.

9. It was really interesting to see Wade Barrett completely solo, and without a group of cronies. I’d always had faith in him, but never really saw him outside of that comfort zone. But I gotta say, he did not disappoint, especially when facing off with the Viper. Randy has this recent addiction to taking the brawl outside the ring, which can get a little stale. But the careful counters and reversals thanks to both competitors salvaged it. And it was the proper amount…just subtle enough to reignite interest. Though I really liked them one on one, I’m curious and excited to see what happens at Survivor Series.

10. Who I would have liked to see, but didn’t: Sin Cara
Who I would have liked not to see, but did: Justin Bieber (European MTV Awards video package)
Emotion I put in my pocket at the end of the show: Excitement


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Check back in with me next week, as I report from LAS VEGAS. Until then, find my nonsensical and alcohol-laced tweets here.

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