10 Thoughts on South Park Episode 15-14: The Poor Kid [Season Finale]

10 Thoughts, Top Story

South Park season 15 has been another huge year for Matt and Trey, and after 6 episodes this half-season and 13 in season 15, we’re at the season finale.

1. There is a reality show “White Trash in Trouble” and it shows Kenny’s family being taken away.

2. Kenny and his brother and sister are put into a foster family’s house. The parents are agnostic, and there are about 20 kids, and they all must be agnostic too.

3. The foster care social worker keeps making jokes about Penn State, and says “we like to have fun here” despite making RIDICULOUSLY offensive statements. This is one of the best part’s of South Park’s aggressive production schedule, they can make things ultra timely.

4. Butters searches the internet and discovers that the new poorest kid is actually Cartman. He decides to pre-empt any possible teasing by making up his OWN mama jokes, using them throughout the show.

5. The foster house is filled with signs talking about being agnostic, and maybe following God. Cartman, Kenny and the others all have chores to do at the house. The father says “cleanliness is next to godliness so make it clean but not too clean”.

6. Kenny’s sister is crying in the foster house, so MYSTERION appears to her in the window to reassure her. He later goes on to defend her at school as well. Not sure how I feel about bringing him back.

7. Cartman and Kenny go to the new school together and try to find out of they are the poorest. It turns out that another kid is even poorer, Jacob, who Cartman berates with a song and dance number.

8. The foster family only has Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper because it doesn’t taste like Cola or Root Beer, and no one can be quite sure what flavor it is.

9. The social worker finally sees the foster house being a disaster and breaks down, with more Penn State jokes of course, and lets all the kids go back to their families. Cartman, however, is sentenced to two months in jail for forging a police report.

10. At the end, the school welcomes Kenny back, and Cartman does a reprise of his song and dance from earlier. During it, a GIGANTIC bird breaks through the ceiling of the school and murders Kenny, making Cartman once again the poorest kid in school. He immediately starts doing poor jokes about his own mamma again.

Overall: A fine capper to another great season from South Park. The foster family provided a ton of comedy with the agnostic angle, and the overall super-offensive nature of the episode was jarring and hilarious. We’ll see you for season 16 in 2012!

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