DC Comics Relaunch: First New 52 Event: Green Lantern, Corps, New Guardians & Red Lanterns (Geoff Johns)

Following earlier Red Lanterns news, plus huge Teen Titans news, comes news about the DC Comics Relaunch New 52’s first event.

As part of DC Comics ongoing teaser interview series with its creators comes some interesting news from DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.

What was said:

THE CORPS’S DAYS ARE NUMBERED. At least, that’s how the Guardians of the Universe feel. As revealed in issue #3, they’ve deemed the Green Lantern Corps a failure, just as they once did the robot Manhunters that the Corps replaced billions of years ago. What exactly are the Guardians up to? They’ve been chatting about creating a “Third Army” — and what that is will become clear as the series slowly builds towards its next massive crossover with the other GL series. And THAT, DC Nation, will be so hugely momentous, it will quake the DC cosmos to its very core!

Sounds like this will be a mini-event a la the successful Sinestro Corps model. I wonder what ancillary one-shots will be that will launch alongside the DC Comics Relaunch’s four Corps-related titles: Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and the Red Lanterns.

Who will the Third Army be? Could this be the return of ye olde Darkstars are something brand spanking new? So, will Third Army vs. Everyone be at the crux of the event?

And, when Hal Jordan eventually gets back the reins of his Green Lantern title from Sinestro, could a new Sinestro series be in the works? DC has a love of villains or just plain “non-heroes” like Deathstroke, Suicide Squad, Catwoman, Penguin, Shade and others. Why else so prominently focus on Sinestro if you don’t have BIG plans for him… solo?

What got me thinking of bigger plans for Sinestro was this by Johns:

THIS IS NOT THE SINESTRO YOU REMEMBER. Sinestro has always been known as the dictatorial GL who fell from grace and returned as the Green Lantern Corps’s greatest nemesis. Now Sinestro wields a GL ring once more — under mysterious circumstances, no less — and what he plans to do with it will likely surprise you as much as it did me.

In our first arc, we reveal a tragic secret about Sinestro: He has a beating heart, a fact Sinestro locks tightly away from the entire universe…until it unlocks for a millisecond. Explaining more would say too much, but watch for it — it could make Sinestro your favorite character in DC – THE NEW 52!

Is Sinestro a hero or villain? The answer is…yes.

Interesting times ahead. 🙂

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