DC Comics Relaunch: Dan DiDio Reveals 5 Things You Didn’t Know About New 52 (Justice League, Etc.)

We all know with the proliferation of social media, it is difficult to keep up with what the powers-that-be have to say. So, with that said, I’ve done some digging around DC Comics’ Co-Publisher Dan DiDio’s facebook account from the last 30 days. And here are the top 5 news tidbits that haven’t been widely circulated that may make some of you happy and others sad.

FIVE: Despite a rumor that was reported last week by our friends at Bleeding Cool that DC would have several one-shots or ancillary books to unfold the history of the new DCU, Dan DiDio explicitly indicated that “we prefer to let the history unfold where necessary in the storytelling and reveal the past as we move forward”. So, no specials kids; what you need to know about your fave books will revealed in those same books. 🙂

FOUR: After fans reported to Dan that the portrayal of Superman in Justice League #3 made him out to be a killer, which he is not, DiDio said he’d look into what happened. So, did the Parademon’s head just pop-off in the last Justice League issue or is Superman a killer? The last time such a controversy happened was when John Byrne deliberately had Superman kill General Zod and his two Kryptonian partners around 25 years ago with kryptonite. So, was there a mistake in Justice League #3 that DC can explain away now that its been noticed or was that a deliberate story placement? DiDio will find out!

THREE: DC has no current plans for Ted Kord (Blue Beetle), Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man), Garth (first Aqualad / Tempest). The first one, Ted Kord, may lend credibility to the view going around the web that Jamie Reyes is the New 52’s FIRST Blue Beetle. Time will tell, if that’s the case. The fact that the current Justice League International IS the first incarnation of the JLI does not bode well for Ted Kord fans either.

TWO: While DC doesn’t have plans for the preceding characters it was mentioned on November 15th that DC is interested in bringing a Wildstorm property forward: “we were just talking about Team 7…” said DiDio. The poster that got this out of Dan talked about the possibilty of linking the pasts of Deathstroke, Grifter and Deathblow, but Dan just had the brief blurb in response as I noted. A new Team 7 with blended Wildstorm and DC proper would be cool IMHO! For anyone interested in learning more about Wildstorm’s old school Team 7 check out the DC wikia.

ONE: A few months ago, Dan DiDio confirmed that in the New 52 that “dead is dead”. So, if a character dies in the New 52, they will stay dead. Anyone interested in the current DCU bodycount, should check out Adam Glass’ Suicide Squad… which also sports a Harley Quinn controversy. Each mission seems to have a fatality and we’re only on issue #3. 🙂

All this news follows earlier stories about the announcement of the New 52’s first “event” as well as news about the jettisoning of the classic Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans from the new DCU.

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