Top 5 NFC Teams

Sorry for last week NFC teams, players (if they read this), and fans for not doing the top 5 NFC teams last week. I was going to do it, but between working, going out, school, and doing my research for my week of betting, I wasn’t able to. But don’t worry, I’m going to do it now.

Top 5 NFC Teams:

1. Greenbay Packers –

I don’t think they’re a 16-0 team. I do believe their defense is struggling badly right now and with key injuries and teams figuring out that Matthews is their only legit pass-rusher, there are cold-weather type of games that their offense could possibly stall in and lose because of their defense. As of right now though, Aaron Rodgers and that offense look unstoppable. As 13.5 point favorites against the Vikings at home, I don’t see their offense being stopped, especially against Vikings’ secondary. We’ll see down the stretch though.

2. San Francisco 49ers –

Turning skeptics into believers each week. Even though they won a situational game (Giants traveling east to west coast and coming off an emotional win), they finally got their big win against a very good Giants game.

3. New York Giants –

The Giants have had a great first half, especially how banged up they are. This team is known for falling apart towards the end of the season. So we’ll see if they can consistently play well and/or rebound after a tough loss against the Niners.

4. Chicago Bears –

With the proper adjustments made by Martz and Smith, the Bears offense is clicking now. The protection schemes,less step drops and balanced play-calling have really allowed Cutler to shine. The Bears’ defense is always going to be tough-nosed and smart because of their QB on defense, Bryan Urlacher. Right now, they look better than they did last year at any point. Last year, they had luck on their side it seemed. Now they’re working for their wins and doing it how their team is built on – toughness.

5. New Orleans Saints

High-powered, balanced offense and a great QB, despite their inconsistencies, they are a very good football team with good talent and coaching. They finally got their big road win against Falcons in a tough place to play. I expect the inconsistencies to continue possibly leading to games they should win but don’t. But they’re still a playoff caliber team that can do dangerous things when they’re on.

Since I haven’t been writing much, I will give everyone an extra element to this article. No, I am not doing the worst NFC teams. That’s pointless. But I will do a “nanana hey hey goodbye” list.

1. Philadelphia Eagles –

Oh Eagles, your slow start shocked the world, but everything seemed to be on track when you crushed Dallas. You lost a tough game to the Bears, but you still had a slight chance to make a run for it. You have to face the Patriots, Jets, and Giants – and at least win two to win the playoffs. Instead, you drop one to the Arizona Cardinals. To make matters worse, their starting QB, the one you traded, Kevin Kolb, didn’t even start! The ruling on the field is confirmed – the Eagles are officially the nightmare team.
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –
Oh Bucs, how you disappoint. After a great season last year – showing you belong in your division, you’ve laid a big egg this year. You’ve been out-scored by 77 points by opposing teams, and your future elite QB, Josh Freeman isn’t making any proper reads and is playing very sub-parly. Maybe during the off-season, you should pick up more new blood than a punter.
3. Washington Redskins –
Maybe people in all likelihood wrote them off a while ago, but after starting 3-0, having big expectations, and then dropping 6 straight, must be noted. The running game that was effective has dropped dramatically, the defense that was tough is weakening, and, as projected, their QB issues are overwhelming. Grossman predicted they’d win the division, instead they are most likely to come in last place. Just if there wasn’t 3 other teams in a division……

4. Carolina Panthers –

I know, they really never had a chance to make the playoffs, but I at least believed they’d pick up the wins against bad teams and upset some good teams. But now they don’t look like that at all. They instead are looking like the Panthers we’ve been use to.  They’re looking like a lot of teams who made a noise in the start – a wacky team that’s been aided by the lockout.

(Very) Early Week 11 Predictions:

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make predictions later in the week with more substance. If not, I’m sorry. But hey, last week my late picks went 10-4 ats (11 if Vikings cover), so maybe I won’t…..

Jets at Broncos+3.5

Jets recover here. Tebow doesn’t have enough magic in his magic stick to move the ball on the Jets.

Bills+2 at Dolphins

Dolphins have found a weapon and asset that is helping their offense put up points and that is Reggie Bush. Meanwhile, the Bills have looked exposed and salty. I like the Fins here, actually. I don’t think the Bills defense can stop anything.

Bengals+7 at Ravens

Can we ever trust the Ravens ever? I know I can’t. I liked how the Bengals played against the Steelers enough to play it close.

Jags-1 at Browns

Boring game, I’ll take the Browns at home.

Panthers+6.5 at Lions

Lions take advantage of Panthers bad defense.

Cowboys-7.5 at Redskins

7.5 and on the road is a lot, but Redskins are just plain bad. Cowboys cover.

Cardinals+9.5 at 49ers

49ers win close games because the way their built, not because they’re bad. I like the points in this one.

Seahawks+2.5 at Rams

If Hawks aren’t home or playing Colts, I cannot take them.

Titans+6.5 at Falcons

Titans are fighting until the end, but they’re in a tough spot here.

Chargers+4 at Bears

A little respect for the Chargers here. I guess Vegas is still wondering whether they’re due or a bust. I’m leaning towards the latter. And I believe the Bears are legit. This might be an early lock it up pick for me.

Eagles+3.5 at Giants

Tough game. Eagles must bounce back, their season depends on it. Knocking off the Giants here would help. I’ll take the Eagles with the points for now.

KC+13 at Patriots

Patriots should win easily here. KC is back where they were when they were 0-3 it looks like.


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