10 Thoughts On… Survivor South Pacific Recap Episode Review – “At Least He Won’t Win”

1. Cochran got a ton of airtime in tonight’s recap episode which actually ended up being one of the best that I have seen as almost the entire episode featured new footage. I wanted to go into tonight’s episode with an open mind and cut Cochran some slack because I sometimes feel like I have been inordinately tough on him. I thought his story to Elyse about kindergarten was hysterical and for a brief moment, my visceral and venomous hatred for him subsided. It didn’t take too long for it to return though as he started talking about how Coach’s blood was pumping through him because he was wearing the jacket. It really bothers me that Cochran refuses to own what he does. Perhaps it is symptomatic of his subservient personality but compare him to Rob Cesternino for example, and there is no comparison. Rob waited to flip at the right time and came off as likeable. Cochran continues to come across as a backstabbing serpent whose game still doesn’t make any strategical sense to me. I will gladly eat these words if Cochran makes it past the next two tribal councils.

2. The reason that I liked Cochran getting so much airtime tonight is because it affirmed to me that he will not win. I feel like the editors were squeezing out as much Cochran footage as they could because they won’t have him for too much longer. It felt like more of an audition for Cochran getting to play in another season than it did a recap episode.

3. The one thing I have to give credit to Cochran for is having the guts to even pretend to ask Whitney out. I couldn’t have done that. Not a chance. She remains my favorite.

4. Ozzy got a really bad edit tonight even though I think he has played a good game. While he let emotion get in the way at times, I think many of the things that he did this season were brilliant. Obviously going to Redemption Island and beating Christine worked (even though no one thought it would). I also liked how he only wanted to give the fish to his tribe. This was similar to what Rob did last season. While some will argue that this was stupid because it was making enemies out of Upolu, I do not agree with this assessment for two reasons. The first is that there was no point in playing nice. After the merge both sides knew they were against each other and it was just a question of who blinked first to avoid the rocks. As a result, it made sense to not share the fish to give them an advantage. Second, I think it would have cemented his position at the top of his tribe. I realize many of you won’t agree with my opinion on this one, but that’s how I feel.

5. Sophie and Coach both received phenomenal edits in this episode. I thought Sophie’s commentary about Albert wanting to make big moves just for the sake of making them was a poignant moment. Also, the masterful way in which Coach handled Ozzy’s attempts to woo him were also interesting to take note of as well. From a purely game perspective, for this season to have any meaning the only satisfying winners for me would be Sophie, Coach, Albert, Edna or Cochran. While I don’t want Cochran to win, if his move works, it will cause me to question everything I know about the game.

6. Elyse got a really bad deal.

7. The time for Edna to make her move is now. I think she has played a solid game thus far, but she won’t have another chance. She can easily pick up Cochran and she should make Brandon think that Coach has somehow lied to him. That would truly turn the game on its head. I don’t think she will, but now is the time to do it.

8. How hilarious was Papa Bear giving girl advice to Cochran? And what was up with telling John to rub his hands together while making his pitch? There is a Freudian joke here somewhere, but I am not going to make it.

9. Interesting how Coach admitted that Ozzy was a better Survivor than him and yet he is the one playing a phenomenal game.

10. The preview for next week looks amazing. I will never understand how people can say the game gets boring if one tribe picks off another. I think we are headed into the most interesting phase as the Upolu dynamics finally reveal themselves.