Spoiler Warnings: Joker’s Fate In DC Comics Relaunch’s Batman The Dark Knight #3

So, a month ago I wrote extensively about the atmospheric continuity editorial approach of the Batman Family books in the DC Comics Relaunch’s New 52.

This was brought on by presumed editorial gaffes or deliberately inconsistent editorial decisions about the Joker’s portrayal at the end of the New 52’s Detective Comics #1 from September versus the Clown Prince of Crime’s portrayal at the end of Batman: The Dark Knight #2 in October.

Well, November’s Batman: The Dark Knight #3 answered the question about the fate of the Joker in the Paul Jenkins penned and David Finch co-written and drawn title… and it looks promising for Tony S. Daniel’s Detective Comics series.

Do not read on, if you don’t want to know that…

… Joker was not juiced up like Two-Face in Batman: Dark Knight #1. The Joker at the end of last issue #2 was actually Clayface… and I feel cheated. 🙁 Bait and switch, the most tired and tried comic book cliche.

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