Kue’s Korner: Return to the Fold; Expect the Expected (WWE)

What’s up, guys and dolls. Welcome to the severely-missed realm of Kue’s Korner. I’m your long-absent analyst, Jonah Kue, and it looks like I owe you readers an apology. So, I’m sorry you were subjected to Gojira’s Paula Cole references and retro 50’s puns (“AJ Lee. Hubba hubba“? Good to see Cena’s demographic being catered to. Happy birthday!).

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Seems the layout of both ‘E and Pulse have changed a bit since I’ve been gone. Though I too feel nostalgic for the old Pulse format, you’ve all clearly been more than vocal about that complaint for me to say much else about it. As for the landscape of ‘E, the characters have been rearranged, but after that little Punk rebel tease, it’s been business as usual.

I have no idea how to approach this topic anymore. Saying that wrestling is in an odd state is beyond redundant at this point. I know this is debatable, but CM Punk being the top face of Raw is at the very least an improvement, as now we have someone who can cut stellar promos and put on stellar matches. Cena and Orton are both away from the title picture, giving guys like Del Rio and Bryan a chance to shine. And, of course, the most productive highlight: Cody has kneepads.

With that said, the optimism that I’ve harbored for sports-entertainment for awhile now is waning, to say the least. Every deserved push simply fit the start-stop formula, leaving several workers with potential to be fed over to the Cena/Orton machine. I see many eyes glimmer at the sight of Barrett, Rhodes, Bryan, and the like getting their foot into the main event scene. For those of you with said glimmer, need I remind you that we’re approaching Rumblemania. This is the time where those already established will be put into high profile feuds, while the others will be thrown into indistinguishable multi-man matches. After ‘Mania, who knows if the people being groomed for success now will even be on the radar (Morrison, anyone?).

So, with Rumblemania cometh, I’ll be touching on the build ups and storylines that will be definitive of ‘Mania 28 for the next coming weeks. Next week, we’ll touch on the established “main event”, Rocky and Cena. So until then….


PS: As wrestling fans, we get little validation for our opinions. Our very own Blair gives us a bit in his critique of another article here on Pulse. Enjoy.

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