10 Thoughts On… Survivor South Pacific Episode 11 Review – “I Told You So”

1. I told you so. I told you in Episode 8, Episode 9 and even in my John Cochran special analysis. There were many doubters. Rob Cesternino, considered to be one of the game’s greatest players was a proponent of the move, which like Cochran’s move itself, made no sense to me whatsoever. Cochran not only ruined his own game, but the games of his entire tribe. We all knew Upolu wouldn’t turn on themselves. Why would they? Really, the question isn’t how bad John’s move was. It’s whether we can consider it to be the worst move in Survivor history. In my opinion, it is. Erik Reichenbach got much further before he decided to give up the immunity necklace. I still feel like JT was still playing to win on Heroes vs. Villains. Cochran effectively not only ruined his game but everyone’s. For a fan of the show and a supposed student of the game, he played horribly. Seeing him go home is vindicating. I honestly can’t believe how anyone can argue on his behalf after seeing how he was unceremoniously dumped. I think I have even seen coconuts on the island with better strategy. In the end, I think Cochran said it best himself. “One of the most idiotic moves in the history of the game.”

2. Albert’s edit is a fascinating case study. When he was lazing around and talking to Edna while she did laundry, I thought he was getting the standard minority portrayal. Solid at challenges but not the hardest worker at camp. His confessional about Survivor being about outwit, outplay and outlast versus being like Martha Stewart started to solidify my belief that he would not win since he hasn’t appeared likeable in recent weeks. After winning the immunity challenge, my perspective completely changed. I have always wondered why more players didn’t give up their rewards and picking Cochran was an excellent decision. He gets to keep a closer eye on the majority of his tribe while also carrying favor with Cochran before the latter goes to the jury. Very smart. Princess Albert? Try King.

3. I have been tough on Cochran but lying about his birthday was good. And it kills me to admit it.

4. Who knew Sophie was so cutthroat and visceral? The reason this episode was so important is because with Savaii eviscerated, we can finally start to examine who is being shown to us as a likeable winner. There are two ways to be edited. A strategic likeable winner. Or just a likeable winner. I am not sure which category to place Sophie in. But she is looking more and more like the winner to me.

5. I am determining whether Coach made the right move or not to keep Rick. He freely admitted during the beginning of the episode that keeping Cochran and Edna was his best move. With that being said, one of the major theories that I believe in is keeping loyal alliance members. Rick is still a loyal vote for Coach. I can’t see him turning. For that reason, I think it was the right move. But not by much.

6. Absolutely loved the edit for Edna tonight. I have been speaking in favor of her since the beginning of the game and tonight we finally got to see elements of her strategy. Edna is a very underrated player. She plays her card well.

7. Jim’s reaction to Brandon’s breakdown during tribal council was priceless.

8. While Upolu hated on Brandon, I think the fact that he keeps his word is an argument he can make at the end. Not the best argument, but an argument.

9. How great did Whitney look?! And a pretty impressive performance against Ozzy at Redemption Island.

10. Next week’s showdown between Ozzy and Cochran will be epic. I hope they don’t wait and just give us the match-up that everyone wants to see. No matter who wins, someone will get their redemption.


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