Boston Rob Discusses Survivor South Pacific, Cochran’s Flip, His Picks To Win & Reveals Winning Strategy

In a recent interview that I conducted with Boston Rob, the Survivor Redemption Island winner discussed the new season and how he felt about Cochran’s controversial flip.

Murtz: What did you think of Cochran’s move, flipping on the Savaii tribe and joining Upolu?

Boston Rob: It’s debatable. I think he is in a tough spot because I like Cochran and he’s entertaining but I think it’s tough for him to win. The self-depreciating gets old…

Murtz: Really quick.

Boston Rob: Really quick. You know that. But at the same time, he’s entertaining. I find myself cheering for him and rooting for him because he’s an underdog. Whether the move he made was right or not, I don’t know because I don’t really know the inner dynamics of the tribe and how they work. The one thing I try not to do is judge Survivor because I have been in the situation. You never truly know everything that’s going on. If he felt like his back was against the wall and he had no way out, then I don’t necessarily disagree with what he did. At the same time it looks like he alienated a lot of jury votes by doing what he did. It’s going to be tough for him to win.

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Source: TORO Magazine