Stay Classy, Kevin Smith – Twitter Rant Following Red State Snub At Independent Spirit Awards

Kevin Smith has long been a rather intriguing character since Red State caused him to shirk the studio system and make his film his way, then market it the same way. And now the director of cult films has lashed out at his latest film being overlooked by the Independent Spirit Awards.

From his Twitter Feed:

“How the fuck did the @SpiritAwards NOT nominate Michael Parks? Nor John Goodman? Nor Melissa Leo?” Smith snarled on Twitter. “Fuck your idiotic organization.”

Lionsgate was going to release the film into theatres but wound up releasing it to DTV after Smith’s theatrical run. After the teaser trailer came out, right before his big announcement at Sundance that he was self-distributing it. Our own Robert Saucedo saw it on Smith’s tour, and you can read his review here.

I’ve even written about this a handful of times, from Smith’s screening strategies and Sundance shenanigans. For a while Red State had been a rather hot topic around here. Seeing it overlooked by the ISA is something and doesn’t bode well for any further awards nominations.

On a related note, the web comic “The Rack” has a rather amusing comic strip about the director.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting