10 Thoughts On… The X Factor Top 7 Results Show Review – “What Was America Thinking?”

1. I have covered more reality shows than anyone else. And I have never been more shocked than I was tonight. I say that with complete sincerity. I have no problem admitting that I thought Astro and Drew were both headed to the finale. My 94% accuracy rate of calling reality show winners took a major hit tonight. I am completely stunned. Totally and utterly. The final three prediction I made during the audition stage was Josh, Chris & Drew.

2. I do not understand how Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty are still in the competition and Astro and Drew are not. There is something very wrong with that picture.

3. I can make a case for why Astro left. His attitude obviously affected voters. While I believe he has been the best in the competition by a wide margin, I literally cannot explain Drew’s elimination. Obviously, she should have done at least one uptempo song during her stay on the show so I blame Simon Cowell more than anything else, but what happened to all the Beliebers that were voting for her. I thought she had Justin Bieber’s voting base in check and was the obvious favorite to win.

4. Really, there were three shockers in the episode. Astro going home, Drew being in the bottom 3 and the judges voting her out. The biggest shock out of that trio is Drew being in the bottom in the first place.

5. Drew destroyed Marcus in the Sing To Save Yourself song and I believe that Paula and Nicole’s votes were against Simon more than they were against Drew.

6. With a weaker top five, I now believe the show is now Josh or Chris’ to lose.

7. It’s clear that Rachel and Marcus will be the next to go.

8. Did you see Simon’s reaction?

9. Astro will be the most successful out of the entire top 7 as I can already see him collaborating with many full-fledged artists.

10. What was America thinking?


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