The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Finale – Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller – Facebook Prelims Play By Play

Welcome to the Inside Fights coverage of The Ultimate Fighter Season 14: Team Bisping vs. Team Miller finale. I’m Scott Sawitz covering the fights as they happen. Stay tuned for round by round coverage live as it happens of the Facebook Prelims.

Featherweight bout: Bryan Caraway vs. Dustin Neace

One of the more interesting notes from this season’s show is that Caraway has seen a sports psychologist for “performance issues.” There’s a joke in there that’s not suit for family audiences if you consider the fact that he’s dating Miesha Tate waiting to come out.

Round 1: Both men are using good head movement and are fighting with similar strategies: throwing a hook and looking to set up a shot. Neither is going for the shot, though, but are faking it a lot. Caraway rocked him a bit early but didn’t capitalize on it as Dustin is dictating position in the cage. Caraway is backing off more but connecting whenever Neace pushes forward too much. A double leg gets Caraway on top and Neace tries to cage walk, Caraway pulling him back. Caraway stands up and lands a triangle but can’t finish as Caraway gets his arm out. Caraway gets into side control, Neace moving into half guard.

Caraway gets the back and Neace almost bucks him off but can’t shake him off. Round ends with Caraway going for an arm bar and running out of time before locking it in.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Caraway 10-9

Round 2: Caraway comes out with some leg kicks, looking to set up a big overhand right. Neace is using his movement to keep away when Caraway tries to set the punch up. He is connected with the leg kicks hard, though, and Neace connects with a big hook. Caraway connects on the counter and adds another hook into it. Neace is using the cage more effectively as Caraway is on his heels but Caraway is connecting much more.

Caraway begins to push the pace more but isn’t connecting, using it to set up a double leg takedown and into side control. Caraway goes for the back but gets bucked off, Neace switches up and presses him against the cage with a double of his own. Caraway switches up and gets the back, locking in the hooks. Locks in a rear naked choke and he taps at 3:38 of the second round.

Official Result: Brian Caraway wins by submission due to rear naked choke at 3:38 of the second round.

Featherweight bout: Steven Siler vs. Josh Clopton

Round 1: Clopton hits a light early leg kick but mainly the two end up stalking each other in the first 30 seconds. Clopton and Siler throw wildly, missing, and Clopton ends up getting over/unders next to the cage. Siler rotates out and lights him up in the clinch with knees, locking it in despite getting his back to the cage. Clopton gets away and back to the center of the cage, hitting a quick combination. Siler throws a big left and a kick is caught by Clopton, who almost gets a double leg. Siler locks in the clinch and knees him across the cage as Clopton pushes him up to the cage. He releases the clinch and the two exchange knees up against the cage. Siler chases him across the cage and throws a quick, caught by Clopton and throws him to the ground, but Clopton lets him up. Siler goes back to the clinch and hits a pair of knees, Clopton circling away. Good combination from Clopton as Siler is winning the position battle. Catches him with a big left hook and Clopton might be rocked, but grabs Siler and the two are next to the cage again. Siler goes for the clinch, Clopton moves back and Siler punches across the cage at Clopton but can’t connect. Siler hits him with a big knee and Clopton gets the takedown, landing in Siler’s guillotine. Round ends before he can finish it.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Siler 10-9

Round 2: They exchange a bit and Siler ends up against the cage after hitting a knee to the body. Siler looking for that clinch again and grabs a single leg btu can’t finish. Connects with a good left and back to the cage, to the clinch and Siler teeing off with knees and punches. Siler back to the clinch and Clopton eats knees like he missed breakfast. Siler is back to the cage but Clopton isn’t doing anything to stop. Siler with knees to the body, controlling the neck until Clopton breaks free and pushes him to the cage before getting a trip takedown. Unloads some ground and pound and Siler pulls him into an open guard. He scrambles to his feet and they’re exchanging until Siler gets him into the clinch again. Measuring him up for some knees and connecting, Clopton pushes him away with about a minute left.

Clopton gets a takedown and lands in a guillotine again as the round ends.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Siler 10-9, Siler 20-18 so far

Round 3: Some light exchanges lead back to Siler against the cage and Siler looks to be going for the clinch again. Clopton gets a trip takedown and Siler is in open guard on Clopton. Siler scoots away from the cage but Clopton is just laying on him at this point. Siler wall walks his way back up and lands in the clinch, landing some big knees until Clopton pushes off and walks back. Clopton has lost his mouth piece and a quick stop in the action.

Clopton with a big takedown and not doing anything with it again. Herb Dean warning twice to do something and clopton with some short punches to the body but Siler is doing terrific work controlling him, trying to work Mission Control in the rubber guard. Both attempts fail as Siler is landing short punches to the bottom. Clopton postures up but Siler hip escapes out. Big right from Siler and Clopton pushes him against the cage with 30 seconds left. Siler gets to the clinch and lands a couple knees, fight ends as Clopton pushes back.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Siler 10-9, Siler 30-27

Clopton and Siler both celebrate like they won, which is odd because Clopton clearly lost two rounds. Third could be judged for him but he didn’t land anything special.

Official Result: Judges score the fight 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Clopton was given the third for the takedowns but just laid on him.

Roland eliminated Ferguson’s brother in the fights to get into the house. Josh wasn’t a fan of it and the two got into a bit of a tussle at the weigh-ins.

Bantamweight bout: Roland Delorme vs. Josh Ferguson

Round 1: Ferguson catches him early but Roland with the tie up. They jockey for position and Roland trips him for the takedown and half guard. Trying to sneak his left leg out and Ferguson sweeps him. Roland with a guillotine and loses it, Ferguson connects with some big shots from inside Roland’s guard. Delorme locks in a triangle but Ferguson with a small slam but doesn’t break it. Delorme is connecting with some shots inside that triangle but Ferguson has his arm in to prevent the choke. Ferguson pushing him up against the cage and grabs the neck, Ferguson defending wonderfully. Delorme switching to an armbar and gets it in deep but can’t stretch it out; Ferguson is defending this wonderfully. Back into a triangle and loses it, Ferguson into side control and lands a couple short elbows. Ferguson gets into the mount, Roland rolls out and gets the back. Ferguson into the arm triangle and they jockey from mount to back a couple times. Round ends with Delorme on top.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Delorme 10-9

Round 2: Both come forward early and some light exchanges, Ferguson with some solid right hands. Ferguson’s hands look tremendous as he’s winning the boxing exchanges between the two. Delorme is winning the position battle as Ferguson is keeping him at bay; I don’t think he wants to go back to the ground because he’s connecting more on his feet. Another good combination from Ferguson in response to a hook from Roland. Spinning back hand and Ferguson pushes away from a Delorme takedown attempt.

Ferguson gets the takedown and lands in Delorme’s open guard. Delorme is looking for a hip escape and Ferguson with a guillotine, can’t quite sink it in. Controls him in it and Delorme takes him down, Ferguson still has control of the head. Finally loses it in the scramble and the two are throwing, Ferguson winning the exchange again. Grabs for a guillotine again, both exchange knees to the body.

Delorme gets the takedown and lands in Ferguson’s guard with 10 seconds left. Round ends with some ground and pound from Delorme.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: 10-9 Ferguson, 19-19

Round 3: Delorme catches him early and grabs his back. Locks Ferguson into a rear naked choke and Ferguson submits at :22 of the third round.

Official Result: Roland Delorme wins by submission via rear naked choke at :22 of the third round

Bantamweight bout: Dustin Pague vs. John Albert

Round 1: Both men come out swinging and Albert connects with a BIG shot, rocking Pague. Pague falls to the ground and Albert gets into mount, locks in a gift wrap arm triangle. Pague fights it off into half guard. Albert unloading with shots as he’s unprotected in the face. Herb Dean stops it at 1:09 of the first round.

Official Result: John Albert via TKO due to strikes at 1:09 of the first round.

Featherweight bout: Marcus Brimage vs. Stephen Bass

Round 1: Both men come out with jabs, neither connecting. Brimage with a big hook that connects, Bass responds with a leg kick. Brimage throws wild and Bass grabs a single leg, lets it go for the clinch and Brimage gets away. Bass is looking to stay sway from Brimage’s standup as every time he’s connecting Bass is visibly hurt. Brimage uses the clinch and they go against the cage, Brimage backs off. Brimage with a flurry, gets caught in Bass’s clinch again. Brimage with some body shots and then backs off. Brimage with a big straight left and Bass is circling away. Superman punch and Bass moves back. Brimage with another strike and Bass goes for the takedown, can’t connect. Brimage with a solid inside leg kick and misses followup uppercut. Brimage with another good combination, follows it up with a strong inner leg kick. Round ends with Bass developing a slight limp from those leg kicks.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Brimage 10-9

Round 2: Both exchange to start again and Brimage wins the striking battle again. Inside leg kick from Brimage accidentally hits Bass low, Bass takes time to recover.

Double jab from Brimage misses, inside leg kick connects hard again. Exchange and Bass gets the better, but Brimage back with the leg kick. Bass with a fairly blatant nut shot in response. Brimage looks like he’s in some pain but recovers to fight.

Brimage with some big shots but Bass goes for the takedown, can’t get him down. Brimage with another big shot and Bass across the cage, Brimage doesn’t follow. Brimage with a leg kick that knocks bass down, Brimage lets him back up and connects with a big overhand left. Brimage and Bass exchange and those leg kicks are starting to add up as Bass looks to be in some pain on occasion. Bass clips him but can’t capitalize on it, weak takedown try is stuffed. Light exchanges and gets a deep single, can’t finish as Brimage spins out of it. Couple straights from Brimage connect and as soon as Brimage moves forward Bass is getting out of the way, as Brimage’s power is something else. Connects with a couple big lefts and ends the round with a nasty inside leg kick.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Brimage 10-9, Brimage 20-18

Round 3: Bass comes and wins the exchange, goes for a flying knee that misses and Brimage with the takedown. Gets side control and Brimage lets him up. Bass getting aggressive in his exchanges; he’s a man down by two rounds and going for the finish. Bass is being the aggressor now but eats some big shots from Brimage several times. Bass goes for a single leg and can’t finish it. Some furious exchanges from the two and neither does significant damage; Bass is looking to get inside and Brimage is comfortable letting him chase. Both guys are tired as the round ends, not a lot of zip on their punches. Brimage connects with some good combinations with twenty seconds left. Round ends with Brimage hurt as Bass catches him towards the end but doesn’t have enough time.

Official Inside Fights Round Score: Bass 10-9, Brimage wining 29-28 on our cards

Official Result 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Marcus Brimage, winner by unanimous decision

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