10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 12.01.11 – Bobby Roode, Mickie James, RVD, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Austin Aries

Reviewing the 12/1/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. As humorous as Gunner’s beatdown was of Garrett Bischoff’s gym buddies, one would think a full scale assault on supposed “non-wrestlers” would have the police searching for a certain Mr. Gunner.

2. I am curious as to how long ODB’s bazookas would bounce after she stops hopping.

3. Bully Ray and Scott Steiner seem to have a good chemistry where as bad as Immortal is as a group, it would be good to just see those guys team up in segments for sheer comedic entertainment. They play really well off each other. Evidently in order to persuade Abyss to come back to the fold of Immortal, they sent two promiscuous women to find Abyss in the back where he supposedly left them roughed up with some wild sexual antics. Alrighty then.

4. The Sting warning of Jeff Jarrett(to stay out of the main event) segment in the back was really well done and believable. Jeff asked the questions a heel would ask with Sting allowing Jeff Hardy this second(last?) chance and the segment played off really well with Sting’s reaction as well.

5. The Knockouts car wash was gratuitous T & A, no pun intended, but in the end, what purpose did it end up serving? Instead of having the third wheel, Madison Rayne barking at all the Knockouts throughout the segments, it would have been nice to see Gail ordering them around more and after her match, an angry Mickie James come to the back to confront her and end in a brawl between the two over the integrity of the Knockout Division which could have still featured all of the Knockouts brawling in their bikinis as well. That might have ended the show long segment with a purpose rather than a whimper with an uneventful Gail Kim spraying down the Knockouts and some of the guys, too with water to end it.

6. Move of the Night:

ODB’ssexual mounting cover over Mickie James while she was sprawled out in the backstage area bent backwards during their Knockout Street Fight.

Something tells me some man got his wish coming back in this life as ODB

7. Lines of the Night:

a.Taz on ODB drinking water after trying to pin Mickie James on the outside.

Taz“Water. That’s rare that she’s drinking that.”

b. Bobby Roode on family and friends being disappointed in him because he’s being selfish

Roode“They’re disappointed in me? Because I’m a user? Heh. They’re(the) users. Ask them how dinner was tonight…because I’m the one that bought it.”

c. Austin Aries mocking to the crowd to do the opposite of what he’s saying

A-Double “Okay everybody boo really loudly.”

8. Match of the Night

Three Way Non-Title Match

Jeff Hardy vs.  AJ Styles vs. World Champion Bobby Roode

Faces double teamed the heel early on and kept at it for a good portion of the match. Roode took advantage of an early Hardy miscue to cause dissension between them with a blindside punch that led to Hardy and AJ going at it with some nice back and forth action. Roode looked good in the win, but still needed the help of Jeff Jarrett coming through the crowd to attack Hardy to steal the victory. There was a bit of an awkward situation with AJ distracting the referee while entering the ring and looking super slow to fall just short of breaking up the pin at the end. That was a bit too awkward looking as well as Jarrett’s no business being there celebration with Roode in front of the referee to try to make it seem like he came out of the crowd. Sting’s “consequence” ended up being a steel cage match at Final Resolution with Jeff Hardy’s career on the line vs. #1 Contendership for Jeff Hardy at Genesis. Strangely Karen Jarrett came out complaining and instead of me hoping Sting finally addresses the horrible job she’s been doing as Knockout VP, he decides to handcuff himself to her for the match at Final Resolution. Okay. I don’t know if he needed to do that considering I don’t think most of us think Jeff Hardy is going to lose that match anyways, but they have to try, I guess.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

The show long videos selling of Bobby Roode’s turn by his family and friends were very well done and kept the focus on the World Champion and how despicable he has become. Very smart move and another way to get Roode over as a heel. Would love to see him use his old line of “It pays to be Roode(Rude).” as it has definitely paid off with him being a selfish prick and gaining the World Championship. Another great segment, even though it was short was the Kurt Angle/James Storm exchange with Storm at “home” via “satellite” while Kurt interrupted the interview Mike Tenay and Taz were conducting to ask him his own questions. Loved the intensity and personal nature of the feud and both men are selling it nicely. Look forward to seeing them go at it again. Rob Van Dam had a great showing in his match with Robbie E., but it was a shame he didn’t win the TV Title. It definitely ups the ante with his feud with Daniels who cost him the match after he hit the 5-Star Frog Splash. Although, much like RVD’s problem with Jerry Lynn when he cost him victories, he should really have been upset with Eric Young who came down to distract the referee a lot longer than he should have been with his mini-altercation with Robbie T. Brother Devon and The Pope became #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship defeating Mexican American and Ink, Inc. Not sure how much of a chance the two will have against Crimson and Matt Morgan, but perhaps the storyline with Pope and Devon’s kids will come to a head at the PPV. Mickie James and ODB had a nice Knockout Brawl that kept me entertained. ODB finally got her old entrance back. I think it would be beneficial to logic for Sting and Karen Jarrett to have a conversation saying the Network approves of her ideas and handling of the Knockout Division even if he doesn’t, which might make the Network quasi-heels, but at least explain why Karen has been allowed to bully the Knockouts these past few weeks while Sting has been in charge. Austin Aries and Kid Kash also had a very nice exchange setting up the battle between heels at Final Resolution, although Kash might end up as a face as a result as he already seemed to be getting cheers. The show had some highs and some lows, but stayed solid for the most part which is all you can ask for a wrestling program struggling to find some consistency.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Bobby Roode, Mickie James, RVD, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Austin Aries

Three-way Main Event was solid, Mickie with a big win, Aries had a very solid in ring promo, RVD looked good in the loss and Sting’s presence was strong but didn’t overshadow the major players. Well done.

That is all.

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