Comics Nexus Holiday Buyer Guide: Day Four

I hope you’re all having a good weekend! We’re back for our fourth entry in things to check out, and while yesterday we brought you a phone book sized trade from Image, we’re going back to DC for day four just like we did for the first two days. The reason why?

Justice League: Generation Lost was the crown jewel of Brightest Day as far as I’m concerned, running alongside the Brightest Day series it featured the JLI hunting down Max Lord. Featuring a cast made up of Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, the Blue Beetle, and a new (and awesome) Rocket Red, it’s easily one of the best things Judd Winick has written in ages. For as many problems as I wound up having with the pacing of Brightest Day, none of that is apparent in this title. Winnick’s pacing is excellent, as is the characterization, and on top of that the rotating art team of Joe Bennett (Deathstroke), Aaron Lopresti (Justice League International), and Fernando Dagnino (Resurrection Man) kept the book looking great and consistent as it shipped two years worth of material over the course of less than a year. I don’t think much of any of it is still canon thanks to the DC Relaunch, but it’s still an incredibly enjoyable read and well worth checking out.


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