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In a move that surprised me more than probably anyone, the brass at Inside Pulse contacted me this weekend with a proposal. To bring on as a sister site and to cross post many articles and features. Therefore, now you will be able to find all of my show reviews and editorials on as well as You will still be able to find such features as original desktop wallpaper, the Jobber Video of the Week and JC’s Top Rope Report exclusively on but may see links to those right here on Inside Pulse.

What I’m most excited about is bring my “Quick Quips” to the Pulse. This article is a live follow along blog as I watch Raw, Smackdown, iMPACT and occassionally ROH TV. You will see the piece pop up usually at the first commerical break of the show and then it will be updated throughout. Sometimes these will be posted on delay as I cannot always watch the shows live so just take that into account if when reading something and are confused on whom I’m talking about, all notes are in chronological order.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with the Pulse readers and hope this new relationship is a long one and fun for everyone.

The following is from this past Thursday’s TNA iMPACT show (12/1/11):

– That’s the first time I saw the footage of Bobby’s family talking about his new heel character. It was pretty awesome.

– What the hell is going on with the Knockouts?

– Seeing Jeff Hardy clean makes me wish for what could have been.

– That “backstage” area they just brawled in is technically right outside the front door.

– Bully Ray & Steiner are going to talk to Abyss… Let that sink in for a bit.

– Why isn’t Mickie forced to wash cars?

– These are all the tag teams TNA has and their champions are two singles stars. This show is making me nostalgic for the old TNA roster.

– Devon and the Pope?! Ugh!!!!!

– It’s not good when a heel like Austin Aries can boast about beating everyone and be right.

– Gunner’s clothesline on that big guy was the first time I saw that move look good in a psuedo street fight.

– These videos they are doing with Bobby’s family are just awesome. This is exactly what was needed for his heel turn.

– “English!” Best line said to Steiner in years.

– ODB has pyro but not an official contract…

– Hey! Earl Hebner isn’t officiating a Knockouts match! Thank God!

– Damn good fight between these two women. That’s what the Knockout division used to be.

– That interview was edited weird. It was cut too tight and it just seemed rushed.

– Yea those women weren’t very attractive. I’d be pissed if I was Abyss.

– Hey RVD is still employed AND we still have the TV title.

– This is the Battle of Bad Haircuts.

– TNA is doing another season of their fantasy game. Because it was so popular the first season.

– I never thought I would be happy to see Robbie E. win anything.

– Ok that was really disturbing.

– That Knockout segment was terrible. You’d think they’d be able to do sleaze right.

– Gotta say I enjoyed this show much more now that Angle, Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett, Sting, RVD and Anderson are not the focal points.

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