Ask Mattel December Edition (WWE, DC Universe, Masters of the Universe & More)

Every month, Mattel is kind enough to answer questions around the web on its lines, including WWE, DC, Masters of the Universe, Voltron & Ghostbusters. Check out the December Q&A session sorted out by catagory!

DC Comics

Q: We’re ecstatic about Starman’s alternate noggin’, but now we have to ask what about Jay Garrick… y’know, ol Flash 1? Will his value be kicked up a notch like Thom Kallor with old and young heads?

A: Although Jay Garrick will not include additional heads, fans will get to delight in a VUM helmet.

Q: Will we see Miss Martian any time soon in the Young Justice 6″ line? DC/Mattel collectors already waited three years to get the JLA’s resident Martian and we’re all feeling a little weary about her being the one team meber to not receive a figure in the first five waves.

A: You’ll have to wait and see! In the interim, we do have Miss Martian in a Young Justice 2-pack to be released in Spring 2012.

Q: Recently The Riddler was release unannounced for the Batman Brave and the Bold line. That was a nice surprise for most of us. What are the actual plan for this line for 2012 and 2013? Are there any new characters plan for release? What about a nice box set of announced (GGhost, Flash, Shazam, etc) but not yet release figures either at retail or

A: For now, this line will end and be replaced with something new when the DKR toys launch. There are no plans to go back to it as the show will be done. However, it is a good suggestion as a Matty offering in the future.

Q: The inclusion of the Flashpoint version of Plastic Man in the newly announced DC All-Stars retail line given that his story line is that of graphic, awful depictions of murder. We know in the past that DC has been retisent to allow violent characters (such as Lobo) to be released in a mass market line for fear that kids will seek out the character in the comics. Was that not a consideration of this version of Plas? Was this just a figure that was already in the works before the change over and you knew fans would react poorly if he showed up in the subscription?

A: We are offering characters at retail that are appealing to a broad base of fans. Plastic Man is a popular character, and we know that there were fans of the Flashpoint storylines. We are excited to offer him as part of the first mix.

Q: Now that we have seen the first wave of DC All-Stars are there any sort of patterns we can glean for future waves? Will waves typically be 4 figures? Will there be one re-released figure in each wave?

A: Each mix will be different, there is not a set pattern that can be interpreted from the first mix. Be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

Q: The other day FanGirl 2.0 hinted that there was some “good news” coming for JLU fans (in 2012?) Fans were wondering if that was the 11/15 MattyCollector sale where the more you buy the cheaper they are, or if there is some other news/reveal still to come?

A: The November JLU sale was some good news! But don’t worry…there is more coming!

Q: Could the mold for Swiftwind be reused/repurposed for the 6″ DC line? Could you make some alterations to it and be able to release Winged Victory or Comet? Or can the budget/parts for those 2 lines still not intermingle?

A: It might be possible much as we used the bird buck for both DCU and MOTU toys but nothing is planned at this time.

Q: Now that the Forever People have had an AWESOME turn on the Young Justice show, can we please see them in Club Infinite Earths, All-Stars or as a box set? The Fourth World demands it!

A: You’ll have to wait and see!

Q: DC Universe fans are really clamoring for more classic DC villains. Given the sub is basically a dozen characters a year…Is there a plan to get more classic villains into collectors hands?

A: We love villains too and we’ll be including them in both the DC Universe All-Stars line available at retail and the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths offering on

Q: Should we consider Flashpoint Plastic Man in the DC Universe All-Stars line the beginning of a new “team” of characters from Flashpoint, or just a one-off variation of an evil Eel O’Brian?

A: You’ll have to wait and see!

Q: Will evil Plastic Man come with Flashpoint accurate “stretchy” accessories like a predatory crocodile mouth or the elongated arm that bursts out and kills Cluemaster (who unwittingly smuggled Plas into the jail)?

A: “Stretchy” accessories would be awesome, but alas they are not included with the Flashpoint Plastic Man figure.

Q: Will fans of Golden Age characters (JSA, Freedom Fighters, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Blackhawk, etc.) have anything to be excited about in 2012?

A: Fans of Golden Age characters will be excited about some of the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths reveals…stay tuned!

Q: What is the timetable for upcoming DC Action League releases. Wave 4 is shipping now, when can we expect the next waves?

A: Wave 5 should be shipping in mid-December/early-January…keep checking retail shelves for all the new Action League figures!

Q: Why is Atrocitus part of the club (when Red Lanterns have their own monthly title as well as upcoming representation in the GL animated cartoon), while Larfleeze in the retail mix?

A: We thought that DC Universe fans who subscribed to Club Infinite Earths would be excited by Atrocitus…and based on fan reaction online, it seems that that’s indeed the case!

Q: Is there a chance we can see double jointed molds and change the bulky First Appearance Batman body for a more slicker and classic look, like Creeper´s bulk?

A: We agree that the character should have a sleeker appearance, so we’ve used a sleeker male torso.

Q: Do you have an estimated street date for the DC Universe All-Star collection?

A: The DC Universe All-Star figures should hit shelves by mid-year. Before that, be on the lookout for Wave 20 with the Fan’s Choice Collect-and-Connect: Nekron!

Q: Are there any Mattel plans for Green Lantern Animated Series figures, either as a new line or included in an already existing line?

A: We are very excited for the show, but do not have set plans for a toy line yet. Stay tuned.

Q: With the Upcoming Superman Film, do you have any plans for a series of Movie Masters Figures for The Man Of Steel, If so will they follow the style of the Dark Knight Movie Masters, The Green Lantern Movie Masters or have a new style of their own ?

A: We will have lots of exciting reveals to come in the future…stay tuned!

Q: Four figures have been revealed for the first “wave” of DC All Stars. Is this how many figures will be released at one time? How many DC All Stars to you expect to release in a year?

A: Each mix will be around 4 figures, but some mixes may have more or less. Be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

Q: Is there any possibility we might see vehicles or playsets at retail to go with the DC All Stars figures?

A: This is an awesome idea, but is not a part of the 2012 offering at retail.

Q: Is the Batman Beyond DC All Star figure a straight re-release of the DCUC Version? Will many of the DC All Stars be re-releases?

A: Yes, Batman Beyond is making an encore appearance in the DC Universe retail line. The retail line will not include very many re-releases, so don’t interpret the first mix offering as a pattern that will carry throughout the year. Be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

Q: Regarding the DC All-Stars reveals: is what we see what we get? Will there be additional pack-ins or accessories?

A: Some figures will include accessories. For example, Larfleeze will come with a lantern.

Q: What was the reasoning behind the character selection for DCUC All Stars series 1? Because is seems to conflict with the aforementioned intent of this line which was to select mainstream characters for a broader appeal.

A: We are offering characters at retail that are appealing to a broad base of fans. All of the characters in the first mix are well-known characters that will appeal to retail consumers, and be exciting to fans.

Q: Are there any plans to expand the Akham City figure line beyond just the 2-packs in 2012 or is this something that only DC Direct is allowed to do?

A: Yes, you will be seeing a few in the Legacy singles line in 2012.

Q: Will DC Universe All-Stars have any variant versions? How about Superboy Prime with Sinestro Corps-emblazoned armor?

A: Although these variants are not a part of the 2012 retail line, that is a great suggestion for future years!

Q: Are any of Superboy Prime’s armor parts removable?

A: Superboy Prime’s armor parts are new sculpts, but are not removable.

Q: Is there anything more you can tell us about the new All-Stars? When we can we expect better/bigger preview images?

A: We have an amazing line up of figures for 2012… be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

Q: Will future waves of DC Universe All-Stars include more Flashpoint characters? Fans demand it!

A: You’ll have to wait and see… be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

Masters of the Universe

Q: Are there any plans to make a white falcon to match the Temple of Darkness Sorceress? Vault wants one to go with his ever growing collection of Mattel birds.

A: We couldn’t afford to include a white bird with this release due to the orb stand, but can certainly look into this for future releases or weapon paks! What say you fans?

Q: Has the schedule for MOTU reissues come more into focus since the announcement they were being discontinued? How far into 2012 are reissues planned? On that note, is Skeletor still slated to be available during the Demo-Man sale?

A: There will still be reissues every month in 2012, but all will be older figures from before Aug 2011. Figures after Aug 2011 will not go into a second run. Skeletor will indeed go back on sale during Demo-Man’s sale.

Q: Any chance of more stand alone mini dioramas similar to the weapons rack or larger, ie Slime pit??

A: We are always looking into this but nothing to announce right now.

Q: Will the figure that the fans voted for the 30th anniversary line be final or does Mattel have some veto power?

A: There may be some confusion here. In 2013 we will have a fan’s choice slot. This slot will be voted on by anyone who purchases a 2013 sub during and around SDCC 2012 (when the sub goes on sale). There will be 8 slots to vote on. 6 slots will be from Mattel, 1 slot from the German fan sites and 1 slot from Whomever wins this slot (out of the 8 choices) will be in the 2013 line.

Q: Any plans for another art book for SDCC or via another means?

A: Not at this time.

Q: We have been told that there are no “FilMation Versions” of characters planned for the line just for the sake of having them. However, what about Count Marzo? His look is a major departure from the MYP-influenced figure we have already gotten that he would make a great quarterly variant. Is this possible for this character?

A: He would be a good example of a distinctly different look for Marzo, but with so many other original characters to do it is not likely we will get to this variant in the near future. But it is not off the table!

Q: Since for the create a character, you own rights to entries once received, is there possibility of you using characters submitted for figures after the contest is over? Or is you owning the rights to the characters submitted just for legal purposes?

A: While it is “possible” and we do own all entries outright, it is highly unlikely we will ever do any of the other entries as that would defeat the point of having a “winner” and a “contest” at all (if more then one entry won). It is the same with the vintage contest. We likely won’t ever do any of the other vintage runner ups to keep Nathan’s entry as the true winner and receiving the prize of having his entry turned into a figure.

Q: Will we ever find out who Teela’s Dad is in the bios?

A: Teela does not have a biological Dad, she was cloned from the Sorceress, so if anyone is her Dad it is the one who cast the cloning spell!

Q: With the whole SnakeMan-at-Arms issue, if/when other SnakeMan Variants of heroic characters are made (like Snake-Mekaneck, for example) can the figures be DIFFERENT ENOUGH from the default versions, so the figure does not feel like a “cheap” variant?

A: We will certainly take fan comments into consideration based on feedback from SMAA, but keep in mind we also want to be on model to the figure and in the end SMAA just didn’t have that much different aside from his head in both his animated series and comic book appearances. It is always a balance of staying true to the model and giving fans new parts.

Q: This question is in regards to subscription charging & shipping- When we originally signed on for the subs, credit cards were supposed to be charged 2 days before the on sale date, with the items shipping on or before sale date. As time has gone on, charge dates have moved up earlier in the month while shipping seems to move further out. And to add to the frustration, the renewal e-mail notices sometimes arrive after a charge has already been made. For example, this past month I was charged on November 10th, got my renewal notice on November 14th , and still don’t have any kind of shipping notice as of the 15th (meaning the sub items won’t leave the warehouse until the 17th at the earliest, since the shipping seems to not actually occur until the day after I get my notice). My question is this- Why are we charged SO early on if our items aren’t going to ship until up to a week later? I’ve never had a week turnaround between charge and shipping with any other online store… It just doesn’t seem very efficient.

A: We are actively working on aligning shipping and CC charges to be as close together moving forward!

Q: My last few orders from Matty have included a $5 coupon good towards DCUC figures. This has been a pretty nice bonus, especially since I was able to use them towards the TRU DCUC Vs MOTUC packs! I am wondering though if you’ve given any thought into doing the reverse- Including a coupon good towards purchases at inside the package of figures bought at retail stores. It would seem that this would be a good way of making brick-and-mortar consumers more aware of Matty’s presence online…

A: It is always a promotion we can look into, but nothing planned at this time.

Q: Is there anything being done to help clear the glut of Wave 1 Skeletor/ Luthor packs from stores? I have never seen Wave 2 or Wave 3 in stores due to the overwhelming supply of this pack and I’m a bit worried that I never will.

A: Yes, we are working with TRU to move through the older inventory and get to the newer figures.

Q: Are there any plans to create an add-on sub for extras like Granamyr in 2012? Having to go online to buy Bubble Power She-Ra is a good reminder of how inconvenient ordering non-sub items can be.

A: No, we purposely need to keep some items out of the sub so we have the freedom to grow or shrink the line as needed and to adjust prices for new concept items like vehicles and giant Dragons (like how the Windraider was originally 40.00 but had to be raised to 45.00 in the end). If we include items in the sub, we have to stick to the advertised price at sub purchase and need some flexibility to grow the line.

Q: I know it’s pretty far in the future still, but in regards to Granamyr- Is there any chance that he might get the same packaging treatment as the Wind Raider? It would be cool to see a vintage-style painting for this long sought after character as opposed to the standard window box.

A: It might be possible but we just are not there yet as far as his development as a toy and a package.

Q: When can fans expect to get their first look at the upcoming Granamyr figure?

A: Likely not until SDCC 2012 similar to when we revealed the Windraider for fall 2011 at SDCC 2011.

Q: How many other characters do you plan to release before fans can finally get their hands on NA versions of He-Man or Skeletor?

A: You will need to wait and see! We do look forward to getting to both of these variants in time.

Q: Now that Filmation rights are in play, did the character lineups get shuffled around much? Obviously one would assume that there is a push to slot in some Filmation characters now.

A: Yes. We reviewed the long term roll out to slot in 1-4 Filmation characters per year. While this does get more Filmation characters out there, it means other characters in the line up had to be pushed back. It is a give and take.

Q: If you guys get around to making Evil Seed, would he be closer to Filmation style (PLEASE) or MYP style? Or would it be a situation where we would see some sort of mix, possibly with alternate heads?

A: From Toy Guru: “For Evil Seed, if and when we get to him I personally think he would be a great candidate for two heads (and maybe a removable robe) in order to make both looks. But as we don’t have an Evil Seed character on the schedule yet, this is just my own speculation. These type of conversations simply have not taken place!”


Q: Images of a more demon-like Vigo head sculpt are coming out of China. Is this head sculpt part of the Ghostbusters Classics line?

A: The Vigo figure does not come with another head and no demon-like version accessory or part exists.

Q: I know there’s been some concern about how much Ghostbusters product is left to market without resorting to the same figures in just new outfits/decos. In order to add more depth to the line can we please see the addtion of Extreme GhostBusters to the line? I myself enjoyed the characters and show, and would love to see updated versions of Kylee, Edwardo and the group. If they can not be added as monthly offerings, could a gift pack like last years Christmas Ghostbusters be an option?

A: As cool as it would be, there aren’t any plans in the near future to produce figures based on the Extreme Ghostbusters show.

Q: Since we have Weapons Paks for MOTUC, is there any chance of getting an Accessory pack for Ghosbusters? I’d love more Proton Streams and more Slime Blowers.

A: We looked into this and it unfortunately did not work finically based on the current sell through rate of GB figures. If the customer base ever expands we can certainly revisit this.

Q: With the PKE Meter and Ghost Trap now under your belt, can we expect to see more Prop Replicas for Ghostbusters?

A: You’ll have to wait and see!

Q: With the GB line struggling under the current model, has there be any thought about taking some of the fan suggestions, such as creating a few ghosts for single card release? It seems that perhaps folks would be more interested in picking up the GBs themselves if there were more ghosts.

A: Fan suggestions are always welcome. This is something that we’ll keep in mind for the future.


Q: Can you share how many product releases you have scheduled for the 2012 Matty Collector WWE Legends line? The fan vote yielded six characters, but are there still some more releases that have not yet been announced?

A: The 6 Legends we have already announced represent the entire MattyCollector Legends line for 2012. As for 2013, time will tell…

Q: What is the status of the shiny, metalized belts? Will they only be used on the “Defining Moments” figures going forward? The dull plastic looks terrible and shouldn’t be used in the Elite line, especially when they’re going for over $17 apiece.

A: This is a popular question! The shiny belts have not gone away, the reason we include shiny belts with some figures and painted belts with others comes down to cost. If a figure or series has more accessories, deco, etc and is therefore higher cost, we will generally only be able to afford to include a painted belt. If we can afford it we will always choose to go with the more expensive shiny belts because yes, we like those more too.

Q: In a perfect world we’d get a few more Von Erichs, but it’s obvious we likely won’t get all the clan. Is David Von Erich on a short list of potential Legends? We know you can’t spill the beans if he’s technically in any lineups, but we haven’t heard his name mentioned anywhere and it seems sort of odd to have Kevin and Kerry without David.

A: If we do another Von Erich besides Kevin and Kerry it would certainly most likely be David.


Q: Is the “canon” for the Voltron toy line the new animated series, or could we see items from other Voltron incarnations in Club Lion?

A: As for Club Lion Force, right now we’re focusing on the 2012 Club Lion Force items which you have all seen. For any future product, you’ll have to wait and see…


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