Comics Nexus Holiday Buyers Guide: Day Five

You know what? I’m in a Marvel mood today. So instead of going back to DC or zombies, let’s try something a bit more…out there today. Who here likes unique concepts by writers who don’t typically do super heroes, and artists who are just plain awesome?

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the X-Statix Omnibus. So much Peter Milligan and Mike Allred goodness that you won’t even know what to do! Haven’t heard of it before? X-Statix was originally a non-renumbered reboot of X-Force (a method Marvel also employed when Thunderbolts went Fight Club), where instead of following the familiar roster we instead had a media friendly team of mutants. The kind that do press conferenes before and after missions. The kind that drink, and do drugs, and hook up, the kind that relish in their celebrity while they can. Because this is the kind of book where the writer has no problem killing off giant chunks of the cast to replace whenever he wants. It never really fit int perfectly with the rest of the X-Men line, but really, it didn’t have to. The book is fun, it’s witty, it’s smart, and most importantly, it’s something that really hasn’t been done to death. Some of the best work of Peter Milligan’s mainstream career, and some of the best work I’ve seen out of the always amazing Mike Allred. Really, I’m glad that Amazon notified me that this book shipped out today, because everyone should check it out.


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