Covert Affairs – Episode 2-14 Review – “Horse to Water”


After the murder of an asset in Russia, Annie must consider the possibility that the daughter of a CIA analyst, imprisoned for selling intelligence, is involved with her father’s plan and has to keep an eye on her, but which daughter?

I dont know if it was the pneumonia I was nursing or the cough syrup I manged to choke down but this episode was a rare miss. Once again Sendhill Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox is reduced to being a barely (in this case, not at all) competent flunky who once again needs bailed out by someone with real know how and field experience.

The gleaming light of hope in this weeks monster of an episode was Christopher Gorham’s Augie. The actors emotional range is so much broader than the actors previous work and I for one cant wait to see where this young mans career takes him.

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