DC Comics Relaunch: Legion Lost Get A Creative Shakeup

The DC Relaunch hasn’t been perfect, there have been some creative shifts already. Green Arrow saw a writing shake up, Jurgens and Giffen are the go-to fill in writers of choice, but really, it’s been so far so good. Today another book is getting shuffled, though the reasons seem to have little to do with the reception of the title. Fabian Nicieza is leaving Legion Lost after issue number six, though it isn’t due to sales, or critical hate. Fabian has been doing a lot of work outside of comics over the past few years, and while I had said repeatedly going into the Relaunch that he would be a natural fit for several titles, he did an interview talking about how he almost had no titles because he was just so busy with everything else. Really, as much as I loved getting a book by him, I didn’t expect it to last.

So Legion Lost #6 is going to be his final issue on the title before he moves back out of comics and into the real world. He will be missed, but hey, how long can Fabian Nicieza really stay out of comics? I expect to see him making some teenage heroes into the most readable team in comics again before I turn thirty.

So who is replacing him? A man who really isn’t known for his DC work, and in fact, has only written a single one shot for the company in decades. I speak of former Marvel Editor-in-Chief, and Spider-Girl creator, Tom DeFalco.

DeFalco and the Legion? Sounds like a great match!

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