Images of McFarlane SportsPicks NBA Series 20

McFarlane has released images of NBA Series 20:

-Carmelo Anthony 4 (New York Knicks)
-Kobe Bryant 6 (Los Angeles Lakers)
-Kevin Durant 2 (Oklahoma City Thunder)
-Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)
-Derrick Rose 2 (Chicago Bulls)
-Dwyane Wade 3 (Miami Heat)
-John Wall (Washington Wizards)

ALL-STAR: Blake Griffin (All-Star Uniform)
GOLD: Dwyane Wade 3 (El Heat Uniform)
SILVER: Kevin Durant 2 (White Uniform)
BRONZE: Derrick Rose 2 (Black Uniform)
BRONZE: Kobe Bryant 6 (Purple Uniform)

These are due in stores in February!

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