Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE WWE Monday Night Raw Report 12.5.11

Hello everyone I am your host Johnny Rosado. This will be my final night covering WWE Monday Night Raw. I have had an amazing time covering Raw for Pulse Wrestling. I have been in love with professional wrestling my whole life. Covering Raw has made me love it even more.  However I have other commitments I must attend to.  I hope you all enjoy the show tonight as much as I will. Follow us every commercial break.

John Cena made his way to the ring to start the show. He received both cheers and boos from the crowd. Cena recapped what happened last week on Piper’s Pit. Cena said that without the fans and their reaction and energy he and the other superstars wouldn’t be able to work. He mentioned Piper slapping him last week. He also mentioned Cm Punk defending his WWE title last week against Alberto Del Rio. Cena said that Punk needed a new challenger for the title. Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring. He said that Cena is not going to get a title shot but that he would get another title shot.  Del Rio said that Punk should have lost the title due to disqualification.  Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler made their way to the ring. Vickie and Dolph stated that Dolph reserves a WWE title shot.  Ziggler bragged that he has the best matches every night. He also mentioned him beating Randy Orton last week. The Miz came to the ring. He bragged about taking out Truth and Morrison. He said that he was going to become the new WWE champion not the other men.

John Laurinaitis came to the ring. He stated that Del Rio, Ziggler and The Miz would face smackdown superstars. If each man wins their match they get a WWE title match at TLC. The Miz must face Randy Orton.

Randy Orton vs The Miz

Miz took control early on in the match. Orton countered and hit a slam on Miz. Wade Barrett made his way to the ring. He distracted Orton and Orton got counted out.

Rosado’s Run In:  Very short match that furthered the feud between Orton and Barrett

A WWE Network hype video was shown. After the video Zack Ryder and John Laurinaitis were shown backstage. They were discussing Ryder getting a United States Title match. John Cena came into the room wearing a Ryder wig. John Laurinaitis made a match between Ryder and Cena. If Cena wins he gets a WWE Title match at TLC but if Ryder ins he gets a WWE United States title match.

David Otunga was shown backstage speaking to Kevin Nash. Otunga mentioned that John Laurinaitis made a match between Nash and Triple H in a ladder match.

Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

Del Rio targeted Bryans injured ribs. Bryan countered. He hit a series of kicks and a front facelock. Del Rio countered and applied the cross arm breaker for the submission victory.

Rosado’s Run In: Another short match? This matchup had the potential to be a great match. I have no clue as to why WWE would pass up this chance to showcase two of their upcoming rising stars

Zack Ryder Vs.  John Cena

Cena did an arm drag and worked on Ryders arm. He also applied a head lock. Ryder applied a headlock of his own. Back and fourth action from both superstars. The fans chanted for and against Cena. Ryder hit a swinging neck breaker on Cena. Ryder went for the ruff ryder but Cena countered with the attitude adjustment for the pin fall victory.

Cena told Laurinaitis that Ryder deserved another chance at a US title match. Laurinaitis told Cena that Ryder would  get another  chance to earn a US title match if Cena would give up his spot in the WWE title match at TLC. Cena said that he is a 10 time WWE champion and that he has had his chance. He told Laurinaitis that Ryder should get the chance. Laurinaitis agreed but didn’t say who u Ryder  would face.

Rosado’s Run In: My guess is that Ryder faces Brodus Clay

Zack Ryder vs Mark Henry

Henry attacked Ryder early in the match. Henry dominated the match nter using his power. Ryder worked on Henry’s injured leg but Henry once again used his power to counter Ryder. Cena came to the ring and gave the attitude adjustment on Henry.Cena placed Ryder on top of Henry. Ryder pinned Henry for the pinfall victory.

Kevin Nash vs Santino Marella

Nash dominated the entire match. He hit a few offensive moves. He followed up with the jackknife powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Rosado’s Run In: What’s with all of these short one sided matches?

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

Ziggler hit an impressive drop kick on Sheamus but Sheamus used his power to overcome Ziggler. Ziggler got some offensive moves in but Sheamus dominated a lot of the match. Ryder made his way to the ring to distract Ziggler. Sheamus hit Ziggler with the Brogue kick for the pinfall victory.

The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, John Laurinaitis and Ricardo Rodriguez were in the ring for The WWE Title match contract signing at TLC. Cm Punk made his way to the ring. Punk moved the table that was in the ring. He said that every contract signing ends the same in a fight. John Laurinaitis made the title match at TLC a TLC match. Miz mentioned him attacking Morrison and Truth. Miz bragged about being the most must see WWE champion of all time. Del Rio bragged about him winning The Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank and beating Punk for the title. Miz said that Punk will not walk out the WWE title at TLC. Del Rio and Miz signed the contract. Punk also signed the contract. John Laurinaitis wanted to take a photo with all the superstars who are in the WWE title match at TLC. Punk told John Laurinaitis that he even does contract signings boring. Punk attacked Miz and Del Rio. Punk performed the running bulldog through the table on Del Rio and he gave The Miz the Go To Sleep to end the show.








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