WWE’s Mick Foley Talks Hell in a Cell and 1 More Match


Mick Foley did an interview with ESPN.com

On his Hell in a Cell Match: “That match is an emotional roller-coaster ride,” Foley said. “I saw it for the first time in its entirety in about ten years recently because my kids had heard so much about it and wanted to see it. It’s one thing to see it in clips and say, “Wow!” But it’s something else to watch the entire match and go through that whole experience. It’s very emotional.

I pieced back all of the match in my memory now except for about a 30 second period when I went through the cage and into the ring. There was a point where I saw a pair of sneakers in the ring and I had no idea how they had gotten there. So there were 30 or 40 seconds there that had gone by that I couldn’t remember and I’m still not aware of. The day after I had very little recollection of what actually happened.”

On the possibility of wrestling one more match:
“Well, I’ve learned to never say never,” he said. “I said never back in 2000 and realized that’s a tough promise to keep. I’ve noticed, especially in the last few weeks, that there are so many good, young performers in WWE who are all hitting their stride about the same time, and it might be nice to have a match with one of those guys. I would love if I could end up in one of their books down the line when they talk about their favorite matches.”

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.