Kue’s Korner: The ‘Mania Memos: John Cena and Dwayne Johnson

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What’s up, ladies and gents? Welcome to the lovely, little Korner of Kue. I’m your dashing columnist, Jonah Kue, and today, I’m starting a series of articles that will pop up from now until Miami titled ‘Mania Memos. Here, I’ll touch on topics that relate to, you guessed it, the upcoming Grandest Stage of Them All. So, what are we harping about this week? Why, the most advertised main event since Hogan/Andre, of course. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

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Since and Up To: So, awhile back, we had Rocky go legit Dwayne, he had tried to distance himself from the field of sports-entertainment for the good of his acting career. Based on all the wellness issues occurring at that time, one couldn’t really fault Dwayne for doing this, but that’s simply my personal opinion. I digress. John Cena, however, who’d taken up the mantle of face of the company since Dwayne and Steve Austin had left, seemed a bit peeved at Johnson, saying that the former Superstar backed away from the company, yet still claiming love for the ‘E fans. These words hit the ears of Dwayne, and though fans were clamoring for a war, whether it be of words or grapples, Johnson simply shrugged them off and continued life.

That is, until the Rock returned to the ring earlier this year. So, why not throw him into the obvious feud with the new face of the company? I’m not going to rehash the details of the exchanges between the two, but safe to say, as we’ve progressed closer to their match at ‘Mania, the fan support has steadily become one-sided.

The Future: It’s clear that fan support is skewed to the Rock’s favor. Hell, when Cena and Rocky were in Boston a few weeks ago, the former’s hometown treated their own like a heel, while showing their complete adoration for the People’s Champ. The reason for this is simple: Cena’s gone stale. Obviously, this isn’t a surprise to anyone, as it’s been a fact for awhile now. Still, as top face in the company, the ever-unchanging Champ was passable. That is, he WAS passable until a certain CM Punk usurped that position from him. Now, more than ever, Cena seems watered the fuck down to the point where it’s affecting his overall appeal and relevance to the fans. This also affects the appeal and relevance of his main event ‘Mania match with Rocky.

It seems that the ‘E has taken note of this (thanks to the fan reactions through Survivor Series), as they’ve been pushing a legitimate heel turn tease for Cena. Question is, will they pull the trigger on it, or will they play the chicken shit card once again? Last night’s Raw was not promising, as it exemplified the two steps back from the proverbial two forward from last week. What Cena needs now is not necessarily a heel turn, but rather, something to show some type of internal vulnerability. The fans having an affect on him is a perfect angle that seemed set up to show just that. However, last night’s opening promo, as well as Cena’s humanitarian award worthy actions with Ryder seemed to squash any progress that have been made. If they derail this train set up by Hot Rod too much, then, they can forget about, not only garnering the most potential interest possible for ‘Mania’s event, but also the Cena character itself.


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