The TV Obsessed Week In Review: Dexter, American Horror Story, Sons Of Anarchy & More

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I’m going backwards in the week like I did last week. And no, I still haven’t caught up on Boardwalk Empire.

The Good Wife was rolling along just fine, with a case about a professor fired, possibly, for religious reasons, the return of Michael J. Fox, and the investigation into Will getting a little deeper. But the episode takes a wild turn past halfway into the episode, as it’s possible that Grace has been abducted or something like that. As one could expect, all hell breaks loose and everyone scrambles to find Grace. Only, nothing happens in the end. Grace is fine–more than fine, actually. She’s being baptized! While this brief but tense episode provides Alicia perspective on her parental role, I can’t help but feel cheated–that the writers would gin up this situation only to have it resolve so easily.

Hell on Wheels is starting to lose me. This week, Bohannon and Elam have a fight lasting the entire second half the episode. So what? One the Irish brothers cheated to win lots of money? Meanwhile the main dramatic force seems to be the Indians, basically the generic outsiders who speak funny and are there to disrupt things.

Leverage’s Office was a good bit of fun. There were some parts of the episode where it looked identical to the place where Jim and Dwight sit in Dunder Mifflin.

It’s increasingly clear that Dexter has nothing left. The bad guys are boring–and even laughable–the side characters are still boring and laughable, and Dexter is becoming boring.

Boss is seemingly written in the “fictional but possibly realistic” style, but this week’s episode clearly strayed from that. Kane turned into the Devil himself, crawling from the asehs and busting out all sorts of information that saves him. He destroys his daughters life and magically has incriminating pictures Zajac. Just like that he’s back in business.

Is Bobby really gone on Supernatural? After Jim Beaver put up a great performance, it’d be a shame to see him gone for good like other great characters in the past, namely Cas.

Nikita’s midseason finale ended with a big shocker, Alex’s mother still alive. On a show where family bonds are fraught with many complications, it’ll be interesting to see where this all goes.

I still don’t understand Robert California on The Office. He shows up in the office, yells at Andy not to hire his wife, then spends the rest of the episode trying to get his wife hired. He makes no sense.

Parks and Recreation was a little sappy, but as a Leslie and Ben fan, I liked how the episode played out.

It’s a shame no one watches Community, because it had another top-tier episode, with both the Dark Knight DVD and foosball plots.

American Horror Story is a bad show. It’s like the writers never sat down for more than two minutes to actually discuss what the show is about. But that’s part of the allure of the show–that there’s a certainty random crap will happen each week. The episode ended with a hilarious revelation about the Pope and the Antichrist. Horrible? Yes. Horrible enough to be interesting? You betcha.

Psych had another good episode in this very strong season with the arrival of Juliet’s father. Once again, though, the show’s central premise of Shawn lying about psychic abilities is troubling. Juliet’s father is a conman, someone who consistently let down his father. What about Shawn and his constant lies? Surely this subject has to be touched on eventually.

All the secrets got revealed on Sons of Anarchy, setting up what is sure to be a doozy of a season finale. Jax will have to kill Clay, right?

Sanctuary continues to have bad ideas, featuring a virtual world where Adam Worth’s avatar resides. That makes perfect sense…….

New Girl finally gave Winston something to do!

Glee continues to burn off its goodwill from “The First Time” with yet another horrible episode. Can’t say I’m surprised.

One episode away from the season finale, Terra Nova serves up an episode as boring as the ones at the beginning of the season. It’s truly awe-inspiring to see the writers bumbling around such fertile ground.

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