10 Thoughts On… Survivor South Pacific Episode 12 Review – “Who Should Win?”

1. Cochran did an admirable job at Redemption Island. If he was victorious, it would have been the ultimate redemption and believe it or not, I might have even started rooting for him. The fact is that he didn’t, and as a result, cements his flip as the worst move in Survivor history. Was his exit sad? Most definitely. Unfortunately, however, he can’t blame anybody but himself. I have been answering questions about why my hate for Cochran’s game has been so venomous this season. Really, it comes down to the same thing I said when he initially chose to join Upolu. There has never been an armchair Survivor player like Cochran. There is an argument that Cirie is a good example, but I think even she possessed better challenge skills than the Harvard law student. I believe it’s his unparalleled knowledge of the game that made his play so baffling to me. Anyway, it will be nice to finally start being able to talk about the others who are still left in the game.

2. For the first time, I believe Coach made a bad move by promising F3 to Ozzy. I realize he was trying to protect himself if Ozzy comes back into the game but how much power will Ozzy really have if he is voting by himself. I think Coach painted himself into a corner if Ozzy does come back into the game with that deal as I don’t think there was anything to gain.

3. Really liked seeing Brandon’s dad on the show. I definitely saw the Russell resemblance when he was talking to Coach and promising his son’s loyalty. Best scene of the entire episode. No wait, I take that back. Cochran leaving was the best.

4. Absolutely adored Edna’s exit. I have been advocating for her from the beginning and I just wish she showed the fire that she showed tonight earlier in the game. I think it would have served her quite well. I thought her argument to the other Upolu members made a lot of sense and that strategically, it made zero sense to get rid of her this week. Specifically, I think Coach should have done everything in his power to get her to stay.

5. It’s clear that Coach is positioning himself for an F3 with Albert and Sophie. This is baffling to me because even the casual viewer knows he has a better chance against any remaining combination left in the game versus what he wants. The only one that would be worse for him would be one that included Ozzy (and hilariously, that’s what he went for in today’s episode, replacing one bad F3 for him with another one).

6. Sophie is the only girl left.

7. In almost every episode, the tribe has talked about Brandon being a ticking time bomb. If editing patterns hold true, this would mean that he will explode soon because you don’t just keep referring to something over and over again to ingrain it into the viewer’s mind unless it happens.

8. Say what you want about Ozzy coming off as cocky this season, he treated Cochran quite well at Redemption Island. While I realize that this was probably just to get his jury vote, it should still be applauded since I am sure every fiber in his body wanted to wring John’s neck.

9. Could Edna actually win next week?

10. An interesting question. Who are we supposed to be rooting for? Coach? Sophie? Ozzy? Albert? All of their edits haven’t made them the clear favorite to win so this season, the winner really is up in the air.

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