THE RAGER! – Fake Superstar Twitter Accounts (and other thoughts)


Not really, that would hurt my eyes after a while and probably yours as well.

So a little back-story:
I am fortunate to have two jobs, however, both of which have a certain bit of downtime where one must find ways to occupy thyself to kill time. One of the ways I do this is to frequent twitter (especially on when I have to work Sundays and I miss the Bears game, their twitter play-by-play calms the rage…minus Cutler’s broken freaking thumb). Obviously I follow a lot of the wrestlers to keep up to date on stuff and, mainly, its fun.

Recently I’ve discovered the comedic fake accounts that push a certain ridiculousness of a character over the deep end. Mainly the ones I speak of are CrankyVince and DumbKellyKelly. Where there are others, these two have to the biggest following and rightfully so. CV’s all-cap tirades, stories and commentary have proven to be top-shelf comedy in my books. And the air-headed, ridiculous comments made by DKK just make you chuckle and hop the real one isn’t nearly as dumb…but there’s always that doubt.

Neither accounts claim to be the real deal and as a matter of fact, both have the word “parody” in their information. That fact doesn’t stop WWE from doing their best to put and end to accounts such as these. So far, nothing has happened but I’m sure the company is going to pull every trick they can to try. Its been reported by various outlets that since WWE has been pushing twitter activity so hard lately, the company doesn’t want the audience to be confused in any way by the reportings of any impersonators. Also, Twitter has reportedly cooperating fully seeing as how WWE has created so much traffic and revenue for them.

As always, it comes down to dollars and cents and not about just having fun. I understand that twitter is a new exciting frontier for the WWE to conquer and this shows nothing is getting their path, just like every other venture for them. One thing I’ve always loved about the WWE is their willingness to make fun of themselves and it makes me think that even they understand how ridiculous they can be sometimes. So is no one allowed to make fun of them outside the company or are they really only concerned about being parodied on social media?

And lets be straight up and down with each other, how likely is it that WWE will actually do away with these accounts for good? Sure they may be able to do away with some but, as we’ve all learned with the internet, get rid of one site and 4 or 5 return in its place. WWe probably should’ve learned their lesson in their half-hearted attempt to get rid of illegal streaming of their content. I know all they claim to want to do is protect their creative property but, I’m sorry, if you want to do that then its best to just stay off the internet completely.

Its easy to tell WWE to just lighten up and be thankful none of these accounts are on the creepy stalker side of the proverbial fence. What’s funny about some of the reportings is the concern WWE has for its officials and share holders over Vince being parodied on twitter. I know there’s times where it feels like WWE programming is just insulting the collective intelligence of the audience but that fails in comparison how much they insult the intelligence of their share holders and sometimes rightfully so. I mean, how many times have we all heard that WWE share holders are concerned because of the direction of a certain storyline? There’s been a few just within the last few months alone. Their depiction of their holders are that of worried old villains fidgeting with their fingers and exclaiming “heavens to Murgatroyd” anytime something goes unexpectedly. I don’t really have a point to this, I just find it amusing.

Like I said, both twitter accounts and numerous others are still around, at least for the time being, and I recommend them to anyone who is bored and frequents twitter. Speaking of, be sure to follow me so we can try to entertain each other during the week.

Well, my fellow Rageans, that’s it for me this week but be sure to comment below and share your thoughts. In the meantime, check these out:
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