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So it’s the holiday time of year. It’s a time for gift giving and gift receiving. And naturally, being that I’m into comics, I’m all about getting and receiving comics. Not, not everyone I know is into comics, but for those that are receptive, I tend to give them comics as gifts.

I’m rather tricky to shop for. I’ve been collecting comics for decades, so it’s difficult to find something that I want and don’t already have. At this point, for the most part, if there’s something that I want to read or am curious about, chances are, I’ve already got it.

But there are some books and/or storylines that I’d love to see collected. For some reason or another DC hasn’t collected these runs. It’s frustrating. Some of these are book that I hold dear to my heart and would totally purchase again in collected form for myself and others. And one is a book that I’m having trouble find the single issues for.

Either way, these are book that I wish DC would get around to collecting in some way, shape or form.

Human Target – I love Christopher Chance. I’ve got the original mini a couple times over. I’ve got the OGN and the subsequent series. It’s definitely a book that I love and can’t get enough of. And for a second, when Human Target was on television, it seemed like maybe DC would collect the entire series. Sadly that never happened. The show’s been cancelled and it looks like the full run won’t be collected.

Still, DC, it’d make for a swell holiday present. And not just for me. I’ve given the first trade of the series out as gifts in the past. And if I could I’d make it my go to gift, because I love the book that much.

Chronos – This was one of the first books that I tracked down, when I got on my current kick of collecting entire runs. I saw Chronos at a shop I was frequenting and decided on a whim to pick it up. And then I snatched up the entire run. And I loved it. Granted I’m a huge DC fan, so I loved the historical bend of the series.

And while, thanks to the DC Comics Relaunch, this book is essentially out of continuity, I think that DC should still consider collecting the series. The book didn’t last all too long, but I think it could find some fans in trade form. Especially people like me, who missed it the first time around.

H*E*R*O – Now this is a book that I didn’t miss the first time around, but that I wish I could expose more people to. Again, this is a book that I think more people would be interested in reading. I enjoyed the diverse characters and stories. Will Pfeifer and his artistic collaborators make me care about brand new characters every new storyline. It’s criminal this book hasn’t been collected.

Impulse – I’ve got friends with kids. I’ve got cousins with kids. I’d love to give them some comics that I enjoyed but still managed to be kid friendly. This is one book that I had a blast reading month after month and that I know some of the kids in my life would enjoy.

Plus it’s Bart Allen. Honestly, this is a book that everyone would enjoy, not just kids. Impulse is a character that many people miss, so the nostalgia alone would probably make this book sell. DC could even lead the public along and pretend that if Impulse moves enough trades, they’ll get rid of Kid Flash and bring Impulse back. How is this series not collected in trades?

Young Justice – Again, this is another youthful book, featuring Impulse that’s notably absent in collected form. Granted this stems more form Dan DiDio’s beef with Peter David. It’s bad blood which is keeping Young Justice off of the shelves. But man, it would be glorious on my bookshelf.

Superman/Batman: Generations 3 – Ok, I’m torn about this one. This is the one that I’m having trouble finding in the single issues. Part of me wants to just get the trade, so I can have the full Generations saga. But another part of me wants to track down the issues, simply because it was such a challenge and completing it would be a thrill.

Still, it strikes me as odd that Generations and Generations 2 got traded, but Generations 3 hasn’t. Of course it’s been about eight years since the mini wrapped, so chances are it won’t get the trade treatment.

Anarky – Given the current “Occupy” movement, a full collected Anarky run would make for an awesome gift for my more politically active friends. I remember reading this book when it launched and having my mind blown by the concepts it contained. I miss Lonnie Machin.

5YG Legion – Again, this is yet another pipe dream. Not only was 5YG Legion a controversial run, but it also is completely out of continuity. Still, I would kill to have trades of the 5YG Legion sitting on my bookshelf. This one is totally personal.

It would be nice if someone from DC collected editions read this and took action on it. I know it’s impossible for this year, but if I could find some of these titles as trades in my stocking next year, I’d be entirely pumped. It would be the best Christmas ever.

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