Were Money No Object – The December Previews Edition With Conan, Star Wars, Glory, Winter Soldier & More

It’s convenient that the new Previews came out at the same time as a week where I couldn’t find any graphic novels or trade paperbacks to write about for this column.  Instead, we’ll wander through Previews, and see what looks exciting for February.

Dark Horse

I could never get excited about Conan the Barbarian.  As much as I love Barry Windsor-Smith’s art, I couldn’t even get into his legendary run with the character.  But now, with Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan working on the long-lived property, I can’t wait to become a Conan fan.  I hope they are given a lot of freedom with this, despite it being an adaptation of a Robert E. Howard novel, because there are few creative teams who work together as well as these two.

I’m also excited about John Ostrander and Jan Duursema’s new Star Wars series, Dawn of the Jedi.  Their exploration of the future of the Star Wars universe in Legacy was phenomenal, so I expect a lot from this story that explores the beginnings of the Jedi order.  I am a little confused about what Dark Horse is publishing in February though.  There is a ‘0’ issue, as well as a ‘#1’.  Previews calls the 0 issue ‘the official guide for readers of [the series]’.  Does that mean it’s not a comic?  I’m not preordering this, in case it’s just a book full of back-matter.  I’ll wait for it on the stand, but I’m definitely on board for the actual series.

I’ve already read Richard Corben’s Murky World as it was published in Dark Horse Presents, and I recommend it.  It’s strange, but visually stunning.  Corben is a legend, and it’s rare to see new work from the man – this is worth picking up.


Yet another month with nothing new coming from the DCnU (I don’t count Batman Beyond).  I would have thought that some of the new titles would be getting the axe with their sixth issue – does this mean that every one of the New 52 is guaranteed a full year?  It’s surprising, but so has everything else with this relaunch and its success been…

Shooters sounds terrific.  It’s a new Vertigo graphic novel written by Eric (Checkmate) Trautmann and Brandon Jerwa, with art by Steve (Whiteout) Lieber.  That’s enough for me to want it, without reading the actual solicitation.  When I did read it though, it began to sound even better, as it’s about a mercenary who has to put his life (and faith) back together when he returns to his ‘normal’ life.


Thief of Thieves is by Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, and Shawn Martinbrough.  That’s enough for a purchase from me – although with the story being about a master thief, I am intrigued by the plot as well.  This sounds like what I thought Rasl was going to turn out to be.

Similar to Prophet (by Graham and Roy) last month, another horrible Rob Liefeld series returns to the stands, and once again, I’m interested.  Glory is written by Joe Keatinge (whose name is familiar) and drawn by Ross Campbell, of Wet Moon fame.  I love Campbell’s work, and think that the idea of having the one artist working in comics who draws women with a little weight to them taking over a character who previously was all breasts, butt, and thighs (and no feet) is pretty radical.  This gets a shot for sure.

King City gets a trade paperback collecting all twelve issues of the series by Brandon Graham.  This is a comic that really deserves to be experienced – it’s a frenetic and crazy mix of science fiction, manga, and madness.  It’s utterly brilliant, although you may need to be high to get all of it.

I’m ordering more Image comics than I am DC Universe books for February.  Image really is putting out an amazing and diverse group of comics these days.


I’m very happy to see that Winter Soldier is coming out, and that it’s by Brubaker and Guice.  I loved their work on Captain America, which has been getting a little dull (I’m hoping Alan Davis will save it).

I think that Rick Remender will be good for Secret Avengers, especially since his Uncanny X-Force is basically Secret X-Men, right?  Gabriel Hardman will definitely be good on this title…

I’ve been enjoying Rick Remender’s take on Venom as well.  Here’s the thing though Marvel – it’s a good monthly comic, but I have no desire to read it as a weekly, loaded down with guest characters who have recently had their own books canceled (Ghost Rider, and X-23).  I’m not buying this six-part ‘event’.  I probably won’t be back to this book when it’s over, either, as it no longer seems to have art by Tony Moore or Tom Fowler.

I’d basically given up on The Twelve, so I’m happy to see it solicited here.  JMS and Chris Weston’s mini-series about WWII heroes waking up in modern times was very good before it went on hiatus.  I expect the two issues coming out this month to be the best Marvel comics I read in February.

Marvel/Icon are re-publishing Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko’s Torso in February.  This is an excellent historical graphic novel about Elliot Ness hunting for a serial killer in Cleveland.  It’s one of the best things Bendis has ever done, regardless of your opinion of the man.

I think it’s very strange that Marvel has buried their solicitation for Fantastic Four: Season One on the 94th page of their solicitations, on a page marked ‘Marvel Collected Editions’.  I thought that Season One was supposed to be their answer to DC’s Earth One OGNs, and part of a huge push to attract new readers.  Nothing about this book stands out here…

I’m preordering twenty different titles from Marvel in February (generously counting FF and Fantastic Four as separate books), but I’m going to be buying twenty-nine comics.  I think it’s time to stop dropping more of these double-shipped titles, because this is getting ridiculous.  It’s worth noting that there were no .1 comics offered this month – I hope that’s because that particular attempt at getting people to buy more comics is done with.


So, it seems that Archaia is using the solicitation for the The Secret History: Games of Chance hardcover to tell us that the orders for the five-issue mini-series of the same name, that were supposed to come out between June and November, but which never appeared, are now cancelled.  That’s too bad, as I’ve been looking forward to reading them, and am not about to buy a $35 hardcover to get them.  I’ll get it eventually, and with the way things have been going at Archaia, it will be before the next issue of The Secret History comes out (you know, the one that was supposed to be published in May.  I’ll never understand what goes on at that company.

Well, those are my thoughts for the books that are coming in February.  What would you buy Were Money No Object?

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