10 Thoughts on ROH TV: 12.03.11 – Tomasso Ciampa, Bam Bam Bigelow, Young Bucks

Sometimes, when you look an episode of ROH TV, you just have to sit back and say, “holy shit I am not watching that.”

And, that’s how I felt about this weeks ROH TV. So, I brought someone else in to handle the 10 Thoughts for this week. You may know Crystal from the columns Blair A. Douglas has written, you also may know a guy named Swayze from “the comments section of easy to berate Pulse Glazer columns” Well, they’ll give some thoughts on important topics.

But, I’m not going to keep you fine folks completely in the dark when it comes to this weeks ROH TV. I’ll have some quick thoughts here at the top and then again down below to finish it off by taking a look at January ROH TV, which actually sounds potentially cool.

Because, Kevin Steen was on the show this week. You may know Steen from, well, being awesome.

But, he hasn’t been on ROH TV much. That is hopefully about to change. And, it did change tonight. First of all, Steen is one of the few guys with actual good music. Or at least not really really lame. Or, at least, lame with the words “like a freight train” included. Freight trains make everything better. Just ask hobos.

Before we got to Steen, though, Tomasso Ciampa came out to bore the shit out of folks. Craziest part about this was Ciampa cutting a promo that started off by insulting Richards/Edwards for having training camps…but, he was only insulting them because he had his own training camp…they then showed him flipping tires and some other equally lame training type stuff. He then had a squash. I watched none of it, but, by skipping ahead, I can say that it was way too long for a squash to go since he wasn’t facing a regular.

The Steen segment was pretty solid. Steen against Corino at Final Battle. Jacobs as ref. Steen is back on the active roster with a win. I’m just hoping we come away from that match with some kind of dominant heel faction for the company.

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards then talked some of their blahblahblahfakeMMAblahblah stuff.

The Young Bucks took on Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reily in the Main Event…and yeah, I definitely don’t give a shit about watching that with the current ROH back and forth nonsense over anything potentially good style. So, I skipped it.

And because of that, I brought in my pal Crystal from TheDDT.com to help out with 10 Thoughts.

Bold words are Crystal or Swayze. The rest is still myself.

1: Blair A. Douglas don’t know shit about comics

FACT. That’s kind of a good thing. But, he also doesn’t seem to know about comic movies. And, by comic movies, I only mean BATMAN. The hell with any others. Blair also thought Alicia Silverstone was unattractive.

2: thought number one means Blair’s not a true wrestling fan either

Hey I hope Thought 3 elaborates on Thought 2.

3: number two is why folks at pulse hate on Blair

I actually think the reason why people hate on Blair is because Mrs. Garrett is always letting Blair get away with stuff that she won’t let the other gals get away with.

4: if Blair knew about some comics, they’d fucking LOVE him!

Blair does know how to boil a good gumbo shrimp soup, though, does that make him loved?

5: Blair don’t know shit about Mark Henry

This is a FACT. He thinks Henry hasn’t improved this year. Silly, right? Henry has had some solid matches.

6: FACT! Not even newbury can get it up to watch ROH

6a. Kelly Kelly!

Not sure where she’s going with that. She better not be trying to…CRYSTAL ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPLY THAT I CAN’T GET IT UP FOR KELLY KELLY?!?! HOW DARE YOU.

By you, I was talking to my penis, not Crystal.

7:…Swayze take it over from here?

Tag Team back again check it top
Wreck it – let’s begin
Party people let me hear some noise
DC’s in the house jump jump and rejoice
There’s a party over here
a party over there
Wave your hands in the air
Shake the deriere
These three words mean you’re gettin’ busy
Whoomp there it is
whoomp there it is

8: I see Pulse is getting Smurf DVD money. I wonder who pockets that? The writers? Or could it be…SATAN?!?!

Satan doesn’t need cash.

9: Why is it when you send something by car its a shipment, but when you send something on a ship, its called cargo?

Bro, it’s comments like this that might get you labelled a hack! It’s clearly because when you park, you do so in a driveway, but you drive on the parkway!
10: Between that Smurf DVD money, and Green Lantern money, Pulse should be setting up offices soon right?

Pulse doesn’t have Offices? Where the hell is the Christmas Party going to be?!?!?!


And, back to ROH, good thoughts though, right?

Coming up in January, ROH seems to be doing something cool as they didn’t want to set up a TV taping before the Final Battle iPPV on December 23rd and the last TV Taping leads right up to that week. So, they’re going to be showing matches from the “House” shows/DVD shows from this past weekend in North Carolina and South Carolina.

This includes highlights of the 80 minute 8 man tag elimination match. Really cool idea right there. They need something to spice up the TV show besides sterile studio type shows. If they do this right, it could come off well and sell some DVDs. I’m not too keen on the idea of an 80 minute match with current ROH style, but, there are a lot who dig the current product and it would be really cool to devote a good chunk of the broadcast to this match one week.

No matter what, it’s good to see them trying new things.

Next week I should be back with a normal 10 Thoughts. Although, this was much better, right?

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