10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 12.5.11 – Win It and You’re In It, Cena vs Ryder, Dolph vs Sheamus, Orton vs Miz

Welcome to my 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw. I’m sorry for the lateness, but it’s been a hectic last two days. Alas, I’m here with some thoughts.

1.  One problem I have with the WWE fold today is the same one that everyone else has… why can’t there be continuity?  The main point I want to make is that faces shouldn’t have to be best of buddies with every other face.  Cena shouldn’t just accept Punk as a good guy just because he changed from heel to face.  Cena shouldn’t force-feed us the ‘Ryder Wants One More Match.’ If Cena doesn’t like Orton for y’know… blowing him up?!… then Cena shouldn’t suddenly be okay with a tag match with Orton as a partner.

2.  I was actually a little excited when Miz won with the possibility of Punk and Miz bantering away at each other.  C’mon those two in promos against each other would be ahem… awesome… and you know it.  But since del Rio is added in there… more awkwardness.  At least it’s something new.

3.  What I didn’t understand with Cena is why wouldn’t he just lay down for Ryder if he was so willing to let go of his title shot?  It would’ve saved Ryder from facing Mark Henry, and it would have given Zack what John felt he so rightfully deserved.

4.  I just wonder with Cena out of the title picture, where does he go from here? The Rock is his WrestleMania opponent, but he’s got nothing to do for TLC and when have we ever had a PPV without Cena when he wasn’t injured?

5.  So Kevin Nash looks in good shape and that’s a good thing because we’ll need a healthy one for his match with Triple H if it is going to be anything better than Sting/Hogan in TNA.

6.  Is it just me or does Santino look different every time he comes back to the screen?   Like now he has a comb-over, he used to have short hair, and now his unibrow is gone.

7.  Is it just me or did Sheamus seem extra pumped for this match?  Hmm… I guess he’s pumped from losing to Little Horny last week.  A loss like that could’ve transformed Sheamus or changed SOMETHING, but instead we get the cute segment where Horny learns to speak… and that’s it.

8.  Although the match ended in controversy, Zack interfering in Dolph’s match probably wasn’t the smartest move.  Sure it enrages Dolph for losing his match against Punk, but if Dolph were double-booked (again) for TLC then he would have more to worry about.  That would make it easier for Zack to win knowing Dolph’s attention would be on the WWE Title match.

9. So we have Masked (reportedly) Kane, Brodus Clay, the WWE Network, and the mysterious 1.2.12 figure are all scheduled to debut soon.  The weird thing is that I’m actually excited about all of these. Y’know unless the 1.2.12 figure is just The Undertaker again. Which it probably will be.

10.  I can’t say that I don’t want to see Miz/Punk/DelRio because those three in TLC sounds like a somewhat good match.  Especially if they can do what they did back at Hell in a Cell.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week… kind of a slow week on Raw.  I hope it turns around next week, but c’mon, that’s asking a lot.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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