The Stomping Ground: My Favorite WWE Tag Teams (Part 2)

Is it just me, or is this column being crushed by an overly large Smurfs advertisement?

Welcome back, you insipid sapiens, to the latest installment of The Stomping Ground. As threatened, here’s my Top 5 Favorite WWE Tag Teams. Missed numbers 6-10? Shame on you! Let’s get right into the shit, shall we?

5. Edge and Christian: Looking back, I’m a little upset that Edge and Christian were heels during my young, impressionable wrestling fan days, as I despised them because they were (you guessed it) heels. It’s one of those things you wish you could go back and change about yourself. There will always be a way to relive those memories and enjoy their 5-second poses.

4. World’s Greatest Tag Team: I sincerely believe, had it not been for the WWE’s totally asinine decision to break up the WGTT so soon, the tag team division that Triple H is dreaming of would have come to fruition by now. Haas and Benjamin were the shit, showing everyone just how awesome a tag team could truly be. Instead we got a Shelton Benjamin push that ended when the company realized he couldn’t talk on the mic and Charlie Haas as a living, breathing parody of bad gimmicks. Yeah, clearly they were better off as singles competitors. Good going, jag-offs. At least the WGTT has reunited in ROH, where they can truly shine and be appreciated.

3. Legion of Doom: If any team on this list represented dominance, it would be the Road Warriors. Hawk and Animal ruled the world of tag team wrestling for nearly 20 years, winning championships in every promotion they signed with. Unfortunately, Hawk struggled with “personal demons” and the duo fell out of favor (ironically during the Attitude Era) and no amount of reinventing (LOD 2000, anyone?) could save them. Despite this, the Road Warriors will always be remembered for being a powerhouse team and for their Doomsday Device. How badass were the Road Warriors? Here’s a clip of Hawk threatening to injure Ric Flair’s sphincter.

2. Owen Hart and the British Bulldog: Camp Cornette will always be remembered for one of the best tag teams of all time: Owen and Davey Boy. It’s sad that neither man is still around today. I blissfully remember watching them own the tag team scene in the mid-90s before the boom period of the Attitude Era. Watching old episodes of the pathetically taped Monday Night Raw, Owen and Bulldog were one of the few things I enjoyed.

1. JeriShow: Come on, you knew this was my number one team. Who would have thought that an injury to Edge would have given us the best heel tandem of the last decade? They were funny, dominant, and always a treat. I remember going to MSG to see the Raw main event of JeriShow vs DX vs Cena/Undertaker. I remember their awesome Ladder match at TLC that ACTUALLY MAIN EVENTED A PPV. When’s the last time a Tag Team Championship match ended a PPV? Yeah, I thought so. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and who better to ruin a good thing than Triple H and Shawn Michaels?

Honorable Mentions
1. New Age Outlaws
2. X-Pac and Kane
3. The Acolytes (post-Ministry)
4. The Rock ‘n Sock Connection
5. Demolition
6. The Natural Disasters
7. Los Guerreros
8. The Brothers of Destruction
9. Mankind and Kane
10. Money Inc.

There’s no Fave Five this week on account of two things:
1. Me being a lazy bastard.
2. All of you being lazy bastards and not e-mailing me your Fave Fives. Get on it, folks!

Check out all the awesomeness here at the Pulse, including the return of Kue’s Korner, CB’s Year-End Special, and if you look very carefully across the comments, Joseph Hargrove has his fantasy women’s wrestling storylines. The trick is piecing them all together to form one column.

See you guys this weekend for my usual Not-So-Live Smackdown Report. Until then, so long…..and thanks for all the fish.

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