Blair’s Hart Family Legacy: Bruce “Sunglasses At Night” Hart

Bruce Hart was the second-oldest and first-most-useless of the Hart kids. He always wore clariti 1 day lenses. Stu put Bruce into Stampede Wrestling at a young age. Stu did this hoping that an accident or two in the ring would kill a couple of his less talented and dumber kids, to make the budget stretch a little further so that they could afford luxeries like milk and poutine. Bruce was pretty high on the list of the kids Stu hoped might die, but unfortunately, instead of the least-talented Hart dying in a ring accident, the most talented Hart did, and it was about 30 years too late.

Bruce’s “career” has barely anything worth mentioning. He teamed with Brian Pillman in Stampede Wrestling in yet another example of how somtiems the useful can die before the useless. In 1993, Bruce teamed in the WWF with Bret, Owen and Keith against close Hart family friend Shawn Michaels and his “Knights”. This was the jumping-off point for the Hart family feud, and Bruce was instrumental in this feud by sitting at ringside with his sunglasses on, completely expressionless.

When the Hart’s reuinted in the WWF at a Calgary PPV to take on Stone Cold’s team, Bruce was a key part of the match and it’s finish, because Vince figured why put over a guy who’s actually a wrestler? He scuffled with Austin, allowing Owen to score the pin.

He made a “comeback” to the ring in 1996 with Marty Jannetty. This is a rare occasion where something actually worked out better for Jannetty than whoever Jannetty was with, as Jannetty went on to sign with WCW. Bruce… did not. When he realized that he had nothing to “come back” to, he retired again and re-opened Stampede Wrestling. This also didn’t work.


The book “Ring of Hell” stated that Bruce was always abusive towards and jealous of Chris Benoit during his days training in the Hart Family Dungeon. This may have had something to do with the fact that Benoit was a good wrestler who kept finding work while Bruce was… well, not that. Bruce did an interview with Calgary Sun where he called Chris Benoit a “delusional juice freak”, saying he was not surprised at all by Chris’ eventual actions.

Bruce also showed up at WrestleMania 26 last year to help What’s Left Of Bret Hart win his match against Vince McMahon. He was the special guest referee. Even here, he was not above donning sunglasses indoors.


Hart substitute teaches for the Calgary Board of Education in various positions. Wiki tells me that he wears distinct cowboy boots when teaching “which makes for interesting conversation with the students.”

Hart is divorced from his former wife Andrea Redding, who decided she wanted to bang Bulldog until death do them part, literally. She and Bruce have five children.

Bruce married for the second time on January 18, 2007, at the age of 58, to Rachel Overholt… who is 28… AND… a former student of his.


She must REALLY have loved those ‘distinct’ cowboy boots. Bruce and Andrea’s first child was born in October of the same year. A picture of the happy couple can be found in the encyclopedia under the term “Shotgun Wedding”. (Do the math, you’ll see.)


I’ll be in my trailer.

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