’s Quick Quips: iMPACT 12.8.11


In a move that surprised me more than probably anyone, the brass at Inside Pulse contacted me this weekend with a proposal. To bring on as a sister site and to cross post many articles and features. Therefore, now you will be able to find all of my show reviews and editorials on as well as You will still be able to find such features as original desktop wallpaper, the Jobber Video of the Week and JC’s Top Rope Report exclusively on but may see links to those right here on Inside Pulse.

What I’m most excited about is bring my “Quick Quips” to the Pulse. This article is a live follow along blog as I watch Raw, Smackdown, iMPACT and occassionally ROH TV. You will see the piece pop up usually at the first commerical break of the show and then it will be updated throughout. Sometimes these will be posted on delay as I cannot always watch the shows live so just take that into account if when reading something and are confused on whom I’m talking about, all notes are in chronological order.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with the Pulse readers and hope this new relationship is a long one and fun for everyone.

The following is from this past Thursday’s TNA iMPACT show (12.8.11):

– This show opened up the EXACT same way as last week. They need to shake it up if they want to catch viewers who might be on the fence of whether or not to watch.

– Dixie Carter’s music is horrendous. And so much worse live than it sounds on TV.

– Damn, Bobby’s comments are hitting a little close to home.

– Interesting and controversial way to start off the show. I thought there wasn’t much more sympathy they could drag out of the Dixie Carter character but this was definitely a new level.

– The appearance of Samoa Joe used to be an event. Now a Samoa Joe sighting is special for all the wrong reasons.

– Just thinking about it now, Joe would make a great “bodyguard” for Bobby Roode as a partner in this new “Selfish Generation”.

– Scott Steiner and Abyss should be sitting on the sidelines with Bully Ray in a hot feud helping establish a young babyface.

– Oh dear God, is this Devon/Pope and Devon’s kids angle actually still going on? WWE drops storylines left and right and TNA never let’s them die.

– Is anyone else tired of competitors stroking each others’ egos? I want to see guys fight.

– Well at least that segment ended a little better than it started but why are two guys like Pope and Devon being featured as the second best tag team in the company? It’s just lazy.

– Madison Rayne’s outfits confuse me.

– Maybe not as much as Mickie James’ though. Sheesh.

– Decent match with a nice DDT but obviously not up to par with their previous work. The Knockouts don’t seem very inspired lately.

– I gotta say, I look forward to Bully Ray’s & Steiner’s backstage segments every week.

– NWA Champion Adam Pearce gave Gunner great praise last week on the Wrestling Pulsecast and I have to agree, I think he has a really bright future.

– If Garrett is training at a wrestling school, wouldn’t he have tights and not be wrestling in Converse and his referee’s pants?

– Garrett should be done now for at least 6 months. No other way to sell a piledriver to the concrete than to take him off TV.

– James Storm just talked me into buying Sunday’s PPV. Damn.

– Can anyone fill me in on why Traci takes all of this from Karen?

– I might have been more excited for that angle if there was a video package or something before the match.

– Is that construction paper covering Jarrett’s title?

– Final Resolution looks like a stacked card on paper. Very little fluff.

– I’m still wondering how Bobby is “off the chain”…

– Check out Tenay and Tazz getting emotionally involved in the storyline.

– A very good TV main event and angle that set up two big matches for the PPV. I do think it’s about time Styles lost the Fortune logo from his tights though.

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