10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 12.08.11 – AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Mickie James, James Storm, Kurt Angle, The Pope, Devon

Reviewing the 12/8/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. Samoa Joe is right back to being used as a stepping stone, great job TNA, as he was hit by Bully Ray’s chain to help Abyss win. Now one would think this would lead Samoa Joe towards the babyface path of revenge, wouldn’t you? At best, it might lead to Joe and Abyss vs. Steiner and Bully Ray. Not that promising for the once face of the company and one time undefeated Samoan Submission Machine.

2. Hmm, the number two spot is starting to be a man’s best trend as last week I mentioned ODB’s bazookas and this week, Karen Jarrett’s dress left a lot to be desired as her babies were virtually exposed to the world in her loose top. Must be a heel thing I guess.

3. It seems like Gunner would still be equally mad or eager to finish punishing Garett Bischoff even if he got the victory with his armbar. Having Garett pin Gunner so easily after taking a beating really spits on all of the upsets that made Gunner. Garett had already upset Gunner once, did they really need to do that again? The postmatch beatdown which led to Gunner piledriving Garett on the floor and the tease with his Father, Eric Bischoff trying to stop it, only for Eric to lift up the protective mat was well orchestrated. Good stuff there.

4. Kurt Angle’s staredown with James Storm after Storm’s spirited response to him, told a story that a million words couldn’t equal. Intense stuff and a great feud going on between the two here. I love that the feud is based on each other costing each other the World Title(by defeat or costing them an opportunity) which is really what should be the driving force behind what all of the wrestlers are working towards. Just a great segment that I couldn’t imagine doing it’s job any better. Awesome job by both men.

5. For two weeks now there has been talk about the Gail Kim vs. Mickie James match but after their dressing room brawl they haven’t so much has said one word to each other via promo or face to face. That seems strange. Now the match sells itself to me as these are two of the all time greats in modern women wrestling history, but they have had Traci Brooks explode this week rebelling against Karen’s wishes and they had Mickie defeat Madison Rayne, but it seems like they kind of missed the boat towards hammering this match home as extra special. That leads me to believe perhaps this is only the first of many matches between the two. Otherwise the failed in building up any more intrigue in this epic encounter.

6. Move of the Night:

Bobby RoodeSpitting on TNA president Dixie Carter.

The Dastardly Leader of the Selfish Generation cut a great promo in the guise of an “apology” and ended it with a loogie spray on Dixie as an irate Sting chased him. Later in the show Roode struck again, battering an already injured AJ Styles some more after Styles got the win in the tag match. He’s on fire.

7. Lines of the Night:

a.Bobby Roode to Dixie Carter

Roode“You couldn’t run a lemonade stand let alone a wrestling company, Dixie.”

b. The Pope(facetiously on behalf of Devon, too) to Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Crimson

Pope“…What we do agree on is that you two have proven to be two of the biggest dumbest honkeys that we’ve come across in some time.”

Racist or not, that was funny.

c. Ric Flair pounding on the ambulance door while Garett was being taken away

Nature Boy “Hey, send the nurse back to the hotel.”

What was a bit ridiculous, however, that the paramedics didn’t say anything to Bischoff or Flair when they were taunting and Flair slapping his chest and leg. A simple “Please, sir, stop.” would have been a nice touch.

d. Taz talking about Cowboy James Storm

Taz “Angle got in his face last week…Well, via satellite he did.”

What? lol.

e. Kurt Angle to James Storm

Angle “A few weeks ago when I attacked you from behind I hit you so hard I thought I gave myself a concussion.”

Kurt officially admits he clocked Storm from behind, but going back to his initial explanation, Storm never saw it coming, but he should have after costing him his title forcing him to wrestle in 90 minutes with little preparation. I absolutely loved the exchange between the two this week. The feud has both men at the top of their game on the mic.

8. Match of the Night

Jeff Hardy and  AJ Styles vs. World Champion Bobby Roode and Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett

Best of the bunch. The heels worked over AJ’s knee as he injured it early on in the match. The story continued as while the Jeffs battled it back to the backstage area, Roode punished AJ until AJ picked up the surprise win turning Roode’s perfect plex attempt into a small package for the victory. Postmatch AJ ran Roode out only to be blindsided on the ramp by Roode as he injured AJ some more and taunted him to end the show.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

Disappointed Austin Aries and Kid Kash didn’t get any more segments or extra promo time to sell their match. Even Christopher Daniels got a brief promo talking about Bob Van Dam. It seems Eric Young is getting another shot at the TV title as all it got was a mention in the card rundown for Final Resolution which seems like a tired story now, so hopefully the TV Title can get some fresh contenders. The show continues to definitely finish on a good note and with the meter leaning on the positive end more than the negative. Definite improvements in the consistency of the program and the writing seems improved. If it’s because of Bruce Prichard then kudos to him for keeping the show from being the shits as some shows have spiraled into. I think some of the undercard could have used a little bit more TV time leading to Sunday’s PPV, but overall, the Angle vs. Storm and AJ vs. Roode matches are being sold well. Even the tag titles got a good push this week thanks to Devon and Pope’s solid in ring promo on Matt Morgan & Crimson and subsequent developments that led to Pope calling Devon’s kids into the ring to help with his beatdown of the Blueprint. This also led to a very very well done backstage segment where a pissed off Devon went to town on his kids and The Pope, almost clocking him until one of his kids stopped him. This story as I have stated before should come to a head at the PPV as we know they aren’t beating Morgan and Crimson, so at least there is some drama attached to the match. That’s all you can ask for sometimes when you have a predictable match up.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Mickie James, James Storm, Kurt Angle, The Pope and Devon

AJ with the big win pinning Roode, Roode made both AJ pay the price and Dixie too for Sting’s demanded apology, Mickie with another big win, Storm/Angle was great stuff and Team Testify with a job well done in all areas.

That is all.


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