UFC 140: Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida Live Results and Play by Play

Hey fight fans, welcome to Inside Fights’ exclusive coverage of UFC 140: Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida. Tonight marks the second time that the young UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jones defends his belt, this time against a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion in Machida. Also on the card, “Big Nog” Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira gets a chance to avenge his loss to Frank Mir, while his twin brother Antonio Rogerio Nogueira faces the newly named “People’s Champion” Tito Ortiz.

The event comes to us live from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and our coverage begins with the ION TV prelims beginning at 7 PM ET.

Yves Jabouin vs. Walel Watson
Round 1 – Both fighters open the first round with leg kicks that miss. The first significant strike comes from Watson and his left hand. Watson misses a Superman. Spinning kick by Watson missed over the top. Spinning backfist misses from Walel and Jabouin tags him with a right hand. Watson shoots for a takedown and it’s reversed as Jabouin takes him to the mat. Strong toss by Watson to escape the grapple. Both fighters are setting up leg kick-punch combos to end the round. Watson catches Jabouin with a punch just after the buzzer and both fighters touch gloves. 10-9 Jabouin

Round 2 – Leg kick from Jabouin. Watson throws a body kick that Yves catches, but he eats a punch and lets the foot go. Frenetic back-and-forth action from both fighters. Jabouin is striking with more power, but the speed and range of Watson are impressive. Spinning back kick from Watson catches Jabouin low and he promptly returns the favor. Side kick from Watson grazes. Watson eats a spinning backfist and Jabouin shoots for a single, getting the takedown. Watson gets a guillotine and squeezes with 15 seconds to go, but Jabouin escapes to end the round. 10-9 Jabouin

Round 3 – High kick from Watson is blocked. Side kick from Jabouin connects in Watson’s chest. Outside leg kick from Jabouin connects. Teep connects on Watson. Spinning backfist from Jabouin. Jabouin gets a takedown that ends with Watson slapping on a D’Arce choke. Watson is saying that Jabouin is out, but Jabouin rolls out as Watson slips free of half guard. Both fighters let their hands (and feet) go as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Watson and 29-28 Jabouin on Inside Fight’s scorecard.

Winner: Yves Jabouin by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Dennis Hallman vs. John Makdessi

Round 1 – Hallman charges in hard and they tie up. Hallman gets the upperhand and drives him up against the cage. Hallman goes for the takedown but Makdessi stops it by holding the fence. He tries it again but referee Rosenthal breaks his grip and Hallman gets the takedown. Once there Hallman goes to work pounding away on Makdessi. Hallman takes the back and begins to drop some nasty elbows on the back of Makdessi. Hallman goes for the rear naked choke. MAkdessi barely turns out of it and Hallman ends up in mount. Hallman continues to pummel away and Makdessi has very little way to stop it. Makdessi spins again and Hallman grabs the rear naked again and this time Makdessi has no more miracles left and he is forced to tap.

Dennis Hallman def. John Makdessi via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)- Round 1, 2:58

Jared Hamman vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1
– Hamman backs him up with some kicks. Hamman keeps working the kicks though none do any real damage. Philippou tries to fight back using his boxing skills. Hamman goes for the takedown and eats a shot right to the mouth. Hamman lands a nice outside leg kick. Another leg kick for Hamman. Philippou comes back with a massive shot that stumbles Hamman and he hits him with another that nearly knocks him out. Philippou grabs the rear naked choke but can’t seal the deal. Hamman escapes and we are back in the standup. Philippou lands another combo that topples Hamman. Philippou gets on top and starts to ground and pound. Hamman stands up and Hamman gets nailed in the face. He falls over awkwardly and the fight is halted there giving Philippou the TKO victory.

Constantinos Philippou def. Jared Hamman via KO- Round 1, 3:11

Igor Pokrajac vs. Krzystof Soszynski

Round 1– They come together and start to throw bombs. Pokrajac starts to find his range and begins to unload in a massive way. Soszynski goes down on his back and Pokrajac follows him and contimues to pummel him in the face. He goes out cold and the fight is stopped very early in the opening round.

Igor Pokrajac def. Krystof Soszynski via KO- Round 1, 0:35

Mark Hominick vs. Chan Sung Jung

Round 1– Jung clocks him with a straight right on the jaw that drops Hominick immediately. Jung gets on top and drops some huge shots and Hominick is done as Herb Dean steps in to stop the fight.

Chan Sung Jung def. Mark Hominick via TKO- Round 1, 0:07

Claude Patrick vs. Brian Ebersole

Round 1– Ebersole comes out throwing punches. He takes another swing and misses. Ebersole tries for the takedown and Patrick grabs the neck. They tie up. Ebersole gets him up against the cage and tries to work the knees. They move towards the center and Patrick lands a knee. Now Patrick gets him up against the cage and throws a few body shots. Ebersole gains control but Patrick keeps up with the knees. Patrick goes for the guillotine. He has the full guard but it doesn’t look great. Ebersole stays alive. He mounts up and breaks the guard and then the choke. Ebersole is now on top. They stand and Ebersole hits a knee. Ebersole hits a nice 2 punch combo. They tie up on the fence. Not much going on here in the opening frame. Ebersole hits a knee. The round closes. Very close. 10-9 Patrick but could’ve been considered a tie

Round 2– A little boxing and Ebersole fakes the shot. Patrick shoots and misses. They clash legs throwing kicks at the same time. LEft by PAtrick lands. Then he hits a nee as well. Ebersole grinds him up against the cage. They break and Ebersole grabs the hold again. Patrick hits a short elbow. Ebersole responds with one of his own. More grappling from these two and the crowd is getting a bit angry at this point. Patrick goes for the clinch knee but misses. Patrick grabs the body and goes for a foot stomp. Patrick stays busy with some knees. Ebersole is in control but has done no damage thus far. Patrick gets a few nice shots in, goes for a takedown but can’t get it. Again really, really close but we will say 10-9 Patrick.

Round 3
– Ebersole goes for a takedown but Patrick sprawls nicely. Ebersole rolls and gets on top. Ebersole lands some soft body shots. Patrick slaps at the back of the head. Patrick is working a nice guard. THey roll and Ebersole grabs his side and slams him to the mat and is in side control. Ebersole has the back and works Patrick down to the mat. Patrick stands up. Ebersole keeps a hold of the back. Patrick spins and now they are face to face. EBersole has him backed up against the cage but he still has been unable to do anything worthwhile. Ebersole gets a takedown but Patrick grabs an arm. Patrick rolls with a choke but Ebersole defends it perfectly and they get to their feet. They exchange blows on the feet. Patrick tries a gator roll again but again Ebersole rolls out of it and lands on top. The fight ends. We give Round 3 to Ebersole 10-9 but the fight to Patrick 29-28.

Brian Ebersole def. Claude Patrick via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Round 1 – Ortiz comes out big with kicks and punches. Ortiz lands an uppersut. . Ortiz goes for the single leg but is blocked. Ortiz gets him up against the cage and starts throwing knees. Nogueira swings some punches. Ortiz sneaks a few shots through. Nogueira lands a nice shot and follows it up with a knee. Nogueira lands a knee to the body that drops Ortiz. Nogueira tries to finish but Ortiz ties him up in the guard. Ortiz is trying to stay busy from the bottom. Nogueira starts to throw elbows to the body of ORtiz. Noguiera is throwing wildly and fatigue must be a concern of his. He just keeps dropping elbows and Rogan comments on how slow the elbows are coming. Ortiz takes a poke to the eye but the action keeps going. Finally Yves Lavigne steps in and gives Little Nog the victory. It seems as though there was no poke to the eye and instead Ortiz was reacting to a rib injury.

Rogerio Nogueira def. Tito Ortiz via TKO- Round 1, 3:15

Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Round 1 – Big Nog tests Mir with a jab that misses. Two quick punches from Nog lead to a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Against the fence, Nog is grinding on Mir and landing short punches. Mir reverses position and lands a shot to the body. Frank Mir gets Nog down to the mat into half guard, but Nog is back to his feet. Mir sees himself pressed against the fence eating rights from Nog. Big knee from Mir puts Mir on his back. Nog is working for a guillotine but Frank Mir rolls through and grabs a kimura. Nog won’t tap with his arm behind his back and tries to roll free, but Mir rolls through, mounts and snaps Nog’s upper arm for the win.

Frank Mir submits Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (R1, kimura, 3:38)

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Jon Jones (c) vs. Lyoto Machida

Round 1 – Jon Jones comes out in a Silva-style spider walk. Spinning back kick lands to the body from Jones, but it’s countered by a leg kick. Outside leg kick from Jones. Jones barely misses eating a big punch from Machida. Machida presses in on Jones, who paws the strikes away. “Machida” chant breaks out through the arena. Body kick and leg kick land for Machida. Clean strikes are landing from him thus far. Jones misses with a hook but isn’t tested with the blow. Jones eats a big hook that clips him. Jones covers up and pulls him in. Head kick from Jones is blocked. As Machida backs away, Jones is throwing kicks to open space. 10-9 Machida

Round 2 – Both fighters launch leg kicks to open the round, Lyoto landing the more powerful shot. Jones shuffles and lands a kick. Lyoto catches a kick and lands a right hand. Jones scrambles away but is almost taken down. Jones lands a big right hand against the fence and dives for a big takedown. In the guard, Jones drops a huge right elbow that rips Machida’s forehead open. Jones works for a front choke and Lyoto gets back to his feet. Referee John McCarthy stops the fight for the ref to check the cut, but we’re good to go. Back against the fence, Machida circles free. Both fights lunge with big punches and Jones connects. Jones picks Machida up by his neck and gets a standing guillotine. Machida’s right arm goes limp…he’s been put to sleep on his feet by the young champion. Machida collapses to the floor.

Jon Jones defeats Lyoto Machida and retains his UFC Light Heavyweight title (R2, standing guillotine, 4:26)

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