Skitch’s Mini Reviews – Week of December 7, 2011

Next week, I might be experimenting with changing the format up a little bit, make this more of a weekly “Skitch in Time” column with discussing some other topics along with the mini-reviews.  Trying to figure out with my editors a good day for that…

So, what did I read this week?

Detective Comics #4: I hate when stories come to abrupt and not quite satisfying conclusions. I did think the ending with Joker worshipers flocking to the Police Department to try and see the Joker’s face was a great touch, but really that could have been dealt with two issues ago. All in all, I liked this arc, though I did this issue 4 was the weakest one so far. I actually am considering putting Detective Comics on the “wait a month, save a buck” list.

Animal Man #4: This was the first issue I didn’t do a full review for. Admittingly, I kind of missed doing one, even though I did four reviews last week (including Animal Man’s counterpart Swamp Thing). Another great issue of one of my favorite relaunch books. The story is moving forward really well, and the future solicits suggest that Buddy’s son will continue to play a bigger role in the story. BOOK OF THE WEEK! (though that might deserve to be shared with Swamp Thing)

Static Shock #3: The references to the Big Bang and Static’s past were a really nice touch for this issue. I do think that the main story has been dragging on a little long, with Static seeming to fight the same bad guys over and over again to no real decision, but the characterization has been terrific. I especially love the scenes with Static’s “sisters.” These moments tend to be quick, but real powerful.

OMAC #3: OMAC continues the silver age fun! OMAC in a prison gone mad was a really cool idea for a story and it worked really well. Didio and Giffen really have created a very fun comic book here, and I have been surprised how much I love this series. Who knew a villain called the Psi-Fi Man could actually be really cool!

Justice League Intentional #3: I liked how the team split up to deal with all the giants at once, this really was a great callback to old Justice League stories. The smaller teams really helped to give some focus and characterization to the whole team. I do think it was a little odd to partner the two new characters Godiva and August General in Iron together, as it might have been easier for the reader to get to know the characters better if they played off a familiar face, but this is a real minor gripe at best.

BTW, I thought the shot of Booster to open this issue where you can see his Legion ring was one of the best panels I’ve ever seen in a comic!

Hawk and Dove #3: As much as people hate on Liefeld, his art has been great on Hawk and Dove’s first three issues.  I do think that the story could use a little more clarity on who all these avatars are and why we have never seen them before.  I think it’s an awesome idea, but all my questions about them seem to be distracting me from enjoying the story as much as I should be.

Batwing #3: This book keeps adding to the intensity each issue. Probably the best looking book of Relaunch. I do think the end of this issue lost some impact since Massacre had already made it pretty clear that “The Kingdom” had some something that made him turn into a villain. That said, I am still looking forward to see how this story plays out. On top of the art, Winick really has been perfect on this book. Winick can be hit or miss sometimes, but he’s done a really good job here.

Action Comics #3: Let me preface my comments by saying that Action Comics is not a bad comic. But it just doesn’t really grab me all that much. I am reading 40 books of DC Relaunch, and all of them seem to have something new or interesting to me as a reader, but Action Comics is the low man on the totem pole. I liked Morrison’s work a lot on JLA and New X-Men, but Action Comics just leaves me flat. Issue 3 is the last one I am buying for now. I may check it out later on, but for now, it’s just not a must read for me.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series #0: I thought the art was really blocky in this one, and I am not sure it did all that good a job introducing the characters and setting so well. In the cartoon pilot, Kilowag and Hal were stranded on the other side of the universe, without backup against the Red Lanterns, and this seemed to be true here, but never is expanded on. I thought Young Justice does a much better job making the comic series vital reading. This really wasn’t a bad comic at all, I just am not sure I would buy it regularly.

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