10 Thoughts On… Survivor South Pacific Episode 13 Review – “Brandon Pulled A Reichenbach”

10 Thoughts On Survivor Redemption Island

1. This episode finally started to indicate the winner to me. While I was at the Amazing Race finale in New York this past weekend, many were asking me who I thought would win. My argument has always been that based on the edit itself, it can be one of only three people. Coach, Sophie or Ozzy. After the recap episode, I started to eliminate Ozzy as a contender because I thought that the editing made him look too unlikeable. This trend has continued with him looking more and more unpopular with every challenge win. My thinking was that Coach was in the best spot. While Albert described the jury looking at him like a ‘cult leader,’ I thought that this would actually work for him and not against as he would be credited for doing everything (similar to Boston Rob last season). Tonight’s episode really made Coach look bad, specifically after Brandon discussed his trust and loyalty issues. To me, it’s clear that this is now Sophie’s game to win.

2. While Albert, Coach and Rick have all looked bad at one point or another this season, I really don’t think that Sophie has at all and in her confessionals it seems like whatever she says ends up being the case. This also seems like a winner edit to me.

3. This season will be remembered for dumb moves. First there was Cochran’s flip. Now there’s Brandon giving the idol away to Albert. I can’t wait to see how many of you write in to tell me that Brandon’s move was worse than Cochran’s. I don’t believe it was. While I fully realize that Brandon got himself voted out, he didn’t kill his entire tribe’s chance at winning like Cochran did. “Oh, but Murtz, Survivor isn’t a team game, why should Cochran have to stay loyal to Savaii when they didn’t do anything to protect him?” Easy. To have a shot at winning. By joining Upolu, Cochran knew he would be eliminated in the seventh position. At least Brandon thought that he could show his loyalty by giving the idol to Albert and securing his vote for the entirety of the game. I am not saying it was a good move. Just that Cochran’s was still worse.

4. The challenges on this season have been the best that I have ever seen on the show.

5. The religion stuff is getting old. It was a little much with Matt Elrod last season and little did we know then that Redemption Island was just an appetizer for this season which seems like a Sunday school class every week.

6. Even though his moves seemingly get shot down every week, it’s clear that Albert is a very analytical player. When he speaks to the camera, I see the logic in everything he is saying. The only thing is that Survivor isn’t about just explaining your intelligent moves to the camera. It’s convincing the others to go along with you and that’s where he has had the most difficulty. With that being said, he still managed to get Brandon to give him his immunity necklace so he must be doing something right. I also believe that Albert is being edited to be worse than he is.

7. What do you think Brandon’s dad thought about tonight’s episode?

8. I am really enjoying seeing Upolu turn on each other. There is a cult-like craziness to it which was missing last season when Rob basically just knocked out whoever he wanted.

9. I still really want Ozzy to win for some reason. I think it is the fan in me.

10. Somewhere Erik Reichenbach and James Clement are smiling.

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