In Stores Now: Releases for December 15 (Ghostbusters, Legion of Superheroes, He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Classics, & More)

Here are the figures released today on at Noon EST.

Masters of the Universe Classics
-Demo-Man (Club Eternia Subscription Figure) **Shipment Delayed**
-Battlegrounds Evil-Lyn (Club Eternia Subscription Figure)
-Wave Rider

Justice League Unlimited
-Kyle Rayner, Goldface, Evil Star
-Firestorm, Killer Frost, Angleman
-Heatwave, Flash II, Mirror Master

DC Universe Classics
-Legion of Superheroes 12-Pack (Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Karate Kid, Lighting Lad, Matter Eater Lad, Saturn Girl, Superboy, Timber Wolf, Ultra Boy, & Wildfire)

DC Retro-Action Superheroes
-Kyle Rayner
-Guy Gardner
-John Stewert

-Vigo (Club Ecto-1 Subscription Figure)
-Winston Zeddemore & Peter Venkman 12″ 2-Pack
-Ray Stantz & Egon Spengler 12″ 2-Pack

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